The Year of 24

I’m 24!!

I have been looking forward to this year for so long. 24 is my favourite number {you can read all about that here}.

To celebrate this wonderful age, I have started this page as a one year bucket list. These are the things I’d love to do and accomplish in my Year of 24. I hope to add a few more items to this list throughout the year (as they come to me) but for now, this is what I want to achieve.

Keep a lookout for any changes :)

Here’s the list:

  1. travel overseas
  2. reach my ideal weight (between 50-52kgs)
  3. get under 60kgs
  4. get under 55kgs
  5. go camping
  6. downsize
  7. establish a savings system
  8. re-design my blog (so that it’s personal and customised)
  9. finish ‘making’ our bed
  10. have and maintain a small herb/vegetable garden
  11. decorate our home with pictures of us and our life
  12. read my bible daily
  13. complete my family photo books for 2009 – present
  14. scan in all my parents’ photos
  15. go on a midnight date with Lynden
  16. participate in a running event
  17. go kayaking or canoeing
  18. go skiing or snowboarding
  19. learn some basics of how to cut hair
  20. donate blood (regularly)
  21. find out Lynden’s blood type
  22. complete a first aid course
  23. make myself an organ donor on my drivers license
  24. do a juice detox with Lynden once a month
  25. go to the zoo
  26. visit the museum
  27. visit the art gallery
  28. watch the sunset with Lynden
  29. visit the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge in person
  30. do a complete clear up of all the stuff in our house
  31. learn yoga and/or pilates
  32. go to a local market
  33. go to a big market
  34. buy a new camera lens for travelling purposes
  35. invest in an L series Canon lens
  36. finish writing two songs
  37. establish a regular workout routine
  38. go thrift shopping

I will keep you posted on my progress as the year goes on :)

Also, if you have any ideas of items I should add to my list, leave a comment below.


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