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Because ducks are cool!

Have you ever wanted to see a lot of pictures of ducks?

Well, today is your lucky day!!!



The duck above looks angry, but it was actually just stretching its wings :)



So why do I have all these duck pictures?

Well, Nicole and I were just roaming random areas looking for cool photo locations. We found ourselves by a lake in a residential estate and we both physically jumped when we saw this guy…


Looks aren’t everything people! I bet he’s the coolest duck/bird of the whole flock/pack/posse (whatever a group of ducks is called).

I hope you have a great weekend!

Remember, it’s personality that counts :)

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The cat in the tree

Asterix is such a trusting cat.

He climbs trees all the time and sometimes, when he’s feeling especially lazy, he’ll see us and meow for us to catch him. He’ll make his way partway down the tree then let go, because he just knows I’ll catch him.

I love that about him.

Speaking of animals in trees…as we pulled into our driveway last night, Lynden and I saw this owl in one of our trees (a brown owl maybe?). It was so cool to see him just perched there. His head was doing the whole owl thing; shifting side to side.

13Jan_23_12853-EditI’ve decided that if Lynden was an animal, he’d be an owl. Either that, or a bear.

Happy Thursday!

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Are you a green thumb?

My mother-in-law and grandmother-in-law have some serious gardening skills. Gardening is what they do in their down time. But let me tell you, they’re not just pruning roses! Those women have epic gardens – a lot of hard work has gone into those. My mum also has a lovely garden, but it isn’t her passion, she just likes having a nice garden.

Then there’s me. I like the thought of a garden…but then I let everything die. My thumb is more of a sickly yellow. Or maybe a sea foam blue. It has potential – I’m just lazy and/or inexperienced.

Anyway, our front yard has been going through a MAJOR overhaul this past week. I’ve been useless (being sick and all) but I’m feeling a lot better today to I’m hoping to help out where I can. It sounds like a chainsaw and digging is going on out there; I think next week they’re starting on some paving (see what I mean, my mother-in-law’s a machine).

So here’s a shoutout to my mother-in-law who is transforming our garden, and to all the family members and family friends who are pitching in. It is one big task!


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I told Lynden I wanted to go to a park.

I particularly wanted to go to a park with “pretty flowers and tall trees”.

He wasn’t too keen on driving any sort of distance to get to a park that day, but eventually I convinced him to make the drive to Araluen for a mini picnic together.

It was so nice to lie in the sun and enjoy the day; we don’t do that enough. Thanks for taking me mini-picnicing honey.

I always ask Lynden to take a picture of me (in case you haven’t noticed :P) which makes me very unlike most photographers who prefer to stay behind the lens. I personally love being behind the lens…but I also don’t mind being in front of it. I hope you don’t think I’m narcissistic! I just like reliving memories and I like remembering what I was like. I think it’ll be nice for my future kids to see pictures of me before they were born; I love those pictures of my mum and dad.

Having said that, here is Lynden pretending to be a king on his throne. I love taking pictures of him :)

I also took some pictures of the pretty flowers we’d travelled all that way to see.

Aren’t they fascinating!

Nature is a beautiful thing.

Have an amazing weekend!

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While we were in NSW we visited some of Lynden’s family friends. In fact, it was Lynden’s namesake; the man he was named after. They were lovely – though I don’t know how it came about, I can understand why they used his name for their son.

And, they lived in a picturesque location in amongst nature.

I wished I owned a macro lens while I was there, but my 50mm did a good enough job to capture some of the beautiful details of the lovely location. The landscapes were taken with my 18-55mm lens.

I hope you’ve had a lovely Thursday so far :)

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Sorry for the long absence!

The past week has been absolutely crazy! I don’t think I’ve stepped foot on my blog since just over a week ago…I’m so sorry! I’m pretty sure my mum thought I’d died. A few text messages later and she was content to hear I was still breathing. Love you mum.

We have been moving at full speed with uni assignments. Uni has been our second home – not by choice, but by pure need. I guess that’s the downside when we’re both overloading.

The upside is that we have been able to suffer together; it isn’t quite so bad when you have your best friend with you and they know your pain. I’m glad I don’t get sick of Lynden’s company because that boy and I have spent every single waking moment together….not to say we weren’t absolutely grumpy by the end of it though!!

Grumpy but happy. Is that even possible? Actually, I think we bonded over our mutual hatred of uni :P

Anyway, tomorrow I’ll be sharing pictures from Lee and Rhianna’s wedding. I hope I have some good one’s to share.

And here’s a picture of some pretty cherry blossom flowers from my mother-in-law’s garden for you to enjoy :)

Have a great Tuesday!


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