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anniversaries and hummus

As you know, Lynden and I recently celebrated our wedding anniversary.

It was my year to organise our date, so I contacted Lynden’s favourite Lebanese restaurant and made a booking. Turns out we were their first customers of 2013. Can I hear anybody say complimentary hummus! So delicious. After our dinner, we decided to go to the  foreshore and lie in the sun. It was a beautiful day for a picnic.

That’s where we took these pictures…






I’m so fortunate that Lynden is always so willing to let me grab some pictures of him and then also willing to snap some of me. It’s nice to have someone in your life that respects the things that are important to you.

I’m not particularly sentimental about things but I love having pictures of important moments in my life; even the little impromptu picnics.


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The Longest

Since getting married, the longest time Lynden and I have spent apart has been one night.

Last Friday I flew to Sydney with Elizabeth; our beautiful best friend Aveline is getting married this Sunday!! Liz and I came over to help out and enjoy some time together with the gorgeous bride. We’ve loved it, but it also means I’ve been away from Lynden for a week now! The first time I’m going to see him will be on Sunday at the wedding even though he fly’s in tonight. I miss that guy like crazy!

Do you want to see a picture from when we were first dating back in 2005? …



I’m so excited about the wedding and I’ve loved spending quality time with these ladies.

12Jan_01_013It won’t be long until I see my darling husband :D

…aaaannnndd not long until my bestie gets MARRIED!!


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Wedding fever…literally

Yesterday we were fortunate enough to attend another beautiful wedding.Our lovely friends Adam and Chanelle were married in Yallingup yesterday. It was a gorgeous location and both the groom/groomsmen plus the bride/bridesmaids looked amazing. I will be sharing pictures soon (once I’ve caught up with all the other pictures I want to share). I can’t wait to share more images with you!

The one above was taken on my phone by my friend Kyla (thanks!). It’s all I’ve got for now and I know today I should be posting a health update, but I’m really sick at the moment and haven’t gotten out of bed all day other than to use the bathroom and grab a quick bite of toast :(

I was getting better, but I went pretty hard on the dance floor at the wedding (thank you painkillers! – I hope no one at our table thought I was taking actual drugs, though after seeing my dancing they probably did) and my poor little body isn’t recovering very well. So worth it though.

I’ve also struggled to get much sleep because my coughing fits keep waking me up, so I think that’s also contributed to me feeling worse today. Plus, we didn’t get home until 2am last night since it was a 3 1/2 hour drive back home from the wedding (we decided to come home instead of stay overnight at Yallingup so don’t feel sorry for us, it’s our own fault). Luckily, Lynden hasn’t seemed to have caught this cold/flu from me. I hope it stays that way…I hate it when he’s sick :(

Anyway, I am hoping to post our health post tomorrow but we might have to skip this week because of my sickness and an overloading of wedding food these last two weeks :P

Sorry I haven’t posted much on the blog lately. I’m hoping to be posting more regularly as soon as I’m better. Even if just for my own sake.

Enjoy your Monday xx

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Lee & Rhianna’s Wedding

Today I’d like to share pictures of Lee and Rhianna’s wedding day.

Here are some of the pictures.

Rhianna looked so beautiful!

Lee asked Lynden to say a prayer; he was so nervous. I think he did great.

Thanks for the wonderful day Lee and Rhianna! It was a pleasure sharing it with you.


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Bridge and House

I had previously visited Sydney twice before this trip. Neither of those times did we have a chance to see the city centre or the attractions. The first time we were only there for the weekend and didn’t have time, and the second trip I had inconveniently broken my leg the day before…so I was slightly invalid.

But this time, this time I finally visited the city centre and saw the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera house in person. Yay!

I can cross this one off my Year of 24 list :)First, we rode across the bridge via train (the picture above was taken while on the train – I was very much a tourist over there, whipping out my camera on the train and all).

But then we were able to see it from the Harbour.

It wasn’t all that exciting for Lynden since he used to live in Sydney. But I figured that I should actually see my own country’s iconic structures at some point, right?

It was nice to finally get a picture at the steps of the Opera House.

We were only there for two minutes (literally) when we realised we only had 6 minutes before our ferry left from the harbour. Eek!

So we ran.

From the Opera House to the harbour. It’s a lot longer than I remembered when we had casually strolled down in the other direction. And poor Lynden was wearing a backpack full of all our stuff. And my shoes weren’t made for running so I got terrible blisters.

But…we made it. Only to find out it was low tide so the ferry wouldn’t take us where we needed to go. As soon as we stepped away they closed the gate and sailed away. We were definitely cutting it close.

This is a picture of Lynden about 15 minutes later still recovering from our run, waiting for the train instead.

It was certainly an adventure :)

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Wow we’re in August!!
I still have pictures I want to share from June!

Like this one of Lynden showing off his new drill to his family at a birthday lunch.

Or the next two images taken at the same event: Michelle with her boyfriend Jason; aren’t they just the cutest?

And my lovely in-laws enjoying the day.

Plus…I still need to finish the final bit of editing for Aveline’s engagement party to send off to her and the last few images of Michelle’s 21st. Argh. So much to do!!

Still, I’m so glad I get to do it. I love having these memories captured in images and sharing them on my blog to remind myself of the wonderful joys in my life.

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

P.S. I hope you’re finally enjoying the olympics!


Long time no see

Well hello there! It has been over a week since I last posted. But…I now only have one assignment left before I go on prac next Monday. Eek. I still haven’t heard what school I’ll be placed in but I’m super excited to find out…hopefully tomorrow :)

The pictures I’m sharing today are from mother’s day at my parents house. We took Asterix down with us and he has an amazing way of finding a secret spot where we can’t find him. Lynden and I always start freaking out that he got outside somehow and will be lost to us forever, even though he’s got a microchip.

Anyway, my parents also have a cat. Her name’s Lana. She’s a loner and unsociable with strangers…or anyone really except Nicole and my mum and dad (Nicole don’t be mad that I said that, you know I love her :P). Anyway, Asterix and Lana don’t really like each other so they spend most of their time trying to run away from each other while I close all the doors in the house so they have to come face-to-face. I know they’d be friends if they just gave it a chance :P The picture below is actually them trying to escape each other but accidentally crossing paths. Mwahaha my evil plan sometimes works.

And the picture below makes me laugh because Lana had just whacked Asterix in the face and then they just politely stared each other down. No growling or hissing.

For some reason other cats don’t like Asterix. He always wants to play with them but I think, in the cat world, he must be really annoying because they never seem to enjoy his company. Don’t worry little guy…you’ve always got Lynden and I, we think you’re great!

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Slipping + Daydreaming

I’ve been slipping a bit when it comes to keeping up with my blog posts the last couple of weeks…sorry. Busy has seriously become my middle name. I have an assignment worth 40 percent due on Friday and another worth 40 percent due on Monday. On top of that I have a lot of commitments that I’ve had to keep on top of and this weekend is going to be really hectic. So…I’ve been trying to work on getting both these assignments finished before the weekend since I don’t work on Saturday’s (I’m a Seventh-Day Adventist) and my Sunday looks like this: engagement party in the morning, birthday party in the afternoon, and a band practice I can’t miss in the evening. Then I also need to prepare for my Monday class since I’ve slacked off on handing in a couple of 2 percent peices the last couple of weeks and I don’t want it to keep adding up. Eventually I hope to get some sleep and possibly find a chance to see my visiting family members and spend time with Lynden. Phew. I’ll get there, I just need to pump it out.

With all the craziness going on, my daydreams have been filled with this:

And this:

And views like this:

Sigh. These are images I keep on my computer as inspiration but unfortunately I downloaded them a few years ago before I even thought I’d ever need to know who the source was. If anyone knows the sources of these images please let me know. For now I’m just going to continue daydreaming and enjoying the busyness because it means I’m learning, growing, and working towards my goals.

What do you daydream about when everything seems a little hectic?

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Yesterday we went waterskiing at Lynden’s uncle’s dam. It was a heap of fun but I’m so sore today, my muscles are dying a slow and painful death. We both lathered on the sunscreen (me more so than Lynden) and Lynden still got sunburnt. I got a little burnt on my face too. I haven’t been waterskiing in a loooong time and I was terrible, but it was fun nonetheless. I kept apologising whenever I took a duck-dive out of my ski’s into the water.

It makes me happy to waterski though, that’s how Lynden and I met; he was helping out on the boat and I was learning to ski for the first time, both of us 16. Lynden says he started liking me right then and there because every time I fell off the ski’s (which was a LOT of times) I apparently had the biggest smile on my face. I on the other hand thought he was super cute so (behind those smiles) I was mortified that I kept embarrassing myself falling over and over, but we had fun chatting about my misfortunes in between tries.

As you know, this story has a happy ending – we’ve been together seven years now and married for three :)

He still likes it when I smile.

I still think he’s the most gorgeous man alive.

This is Lynden yesterday doing a small jump on the wakeboard:

He hasn’t done it in years either but he’s so much more impressive than me, this is how uncoordinated I am:

Also, when I first met Lynden, I embarrassingly thought wake boarding was called weight boarding and I referred to it in this way regularly until Lynden caught what I was actually saying and corrected me. Awkward!!

(image and videos were taken with my Canon IXUS 90IS – I didn’t want to risk my nice camera falling into the water, eek!)

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