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Exercise Schedule

Ok, so I finally have a health update for you!

I literally just weighed myself and I am exactly 61kgs. Not too bad (considering all the ice cream I’ve been eating lately).

In the hopes of getting healthier, I signed up for a 5k run that will happen in February. I signed up for it in December and I still haven’t done anything to prepare. Sigh.

Since there are now very limited days left until the 5k, I have created a very basic exercise schedule for myself, which includes both strength and cardio workouts. I’m hoping to continue on this schedule beyond the run and adapt it to my needs as I go.

Here it is.

Exercise Schedule

I’ll be starting this schedule from the 1st of Feb (this Friday).

Wish me luck!

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Losing It {2}

As I mentioned yesterday, we were at a wedding so I wasn’t able to post our health update until today.

To be honest, I was a little worried this week that I would have gained weight because of all the events going on, but luckily it appears that both Lynden and I have had a small loss – Lynden more so than me.

Haidy Lynden
Weight 61.5kg (-0.3kg) 102.9 (-0.8kg)
Body Fat 31.2% (+0.2%) 33.4% (+3.8%)
Morale I’m feeling alright about the next week but I’d like to include bike rides and running into my exercise regime  I’m feeling good
Exercise Squash, walking, gardening  Squash
Food Salads, eggs, chips, wedges, pizza, carrots, chocolate, pumpkin soup, steamed vegetables, potatoes, tomatoes, rice, vege curry, lentils  Salads, wedges, pizza, carrots, pumpkin soup, steamed vegetables, potatoes, tomatoes, rice, vege curry, lentils
Drink Water, hot chocolate, coke, lemonade  Water, coffee, lemonade

Even though both of us had a small loss this week, we both gained in our body fat percentage. I’m going to be a bit lenient on us though since the last couple of weeks have included birthdays, hen’s parties, buck’s parties, and a wedding.

However, during the week we’ve attempted small changes here and there with regard to food; making sure we’re eating wholemeal rather than white bread or having brown rice instead of white rice, etc. We also made a bigger effort to eat at home rather than get a takeout meal at Subway or something. Just small changes that will hopefully become good habits and our natural instinct over time.

We also played squash twice this week with our friends Ryan and Kyla (I’m a total beginner but it’s a lot of fun), if only we didn’t have to pay to play.

Hopefully we’ll fit in more squash this week and I’d also like to start riding our bikes again. It’s been a bit rainy (including a few thunderstorm days) but this week looks like it will be clearing up. No excuses!

I’d love to hear if anyone else is challenging themselves to a healthier lifestyle. What have you found works for you?

Have a great Tuesday :)

I’m linking up with The Domestic Wannabe if you’re interested in reading some more health inspired posts.

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Losing It {1}

I haven’t written a health post since my last Getting Under 60 post where I managed to reach 59.9kg. Then we went to Sydney for Lee and Rhianna’s wedding and I allowed myself to eat and drink whatever junk I wanted.

Unexpectedly, I only gained about 500g by the time we got home because of all the walking we did while we were away. However, once we got back, my bad eating habits had stuck and I wasn’t doing as much vigourous walking anymore. Undoubtedly, I gained most of my weight back.

Sooo, today I am starting a new series titled Losing It. Lynden and I will be doing this series together because we’re both sick of being unhealthy and overweight and it’s so much easier if we’re doing it together.

Every Monday I’ll be sharing both of our progress until we reach our goal weights.

My goal weight is 52kg

Lynden’s goal weight is 85kg

This process will take a while but I’d love to share it with you here on my blog because I’ve found that it’s great at keeping me accountable.

Here are our stats for week 1

Haidy Lynden
Weight 61.8kg 103.7kg
Body Fat 31% 29.6%
Morale Good Good
Exercise None Gardening
Food Salads, eggs, apples, corn, chips, chocolate, sweetened condensed milk, bruschetta, pizza Salad, bruschetta, pizza, pasta, cereal, hotdogs, chicken, McDonald’s
Drink Water, hot chocolate, coke, appletizer, fronti, dry ginger ale, iced chocolate Coffee, water, iced chocolate, milk, dry ginger ale, coke

I’m so excited to be doing this with Lynden. It’s so important to both of us to have a healthy lifestyle, not just a healthy appearance. Though, looking good is always a really nice perk ;) Doing it together means we’re creating good habits for life.

With a bit of hard work, I know we can pull this off.

Edit: I’m linked up with The Domestic Wannabe for Move It Monday.

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Getting Under 60: Week 8

This is the final week of my Getting Under 60 series. You can see the first post here.

I was really (really) worried about my progress this week. I think last week’s birthday treats caught up with me and I started craving more sugary and fatty foods. Walking through the grocery store was really hard…I just wanted chocolate and chips and junk. Then, on Wednesday, I thought I’d weigh myself to see how I was tracking – 61.2kg! I was horrified and despaired at the thought that I would not only miss my goal, but I’d actually gain the weight I’d worked hard to lose the last couple of weeks.

I stayed positive though and committed to sharing the hard truth here on my blog. But, to my surprise, after working hard to only eat good foods (which was really hard this week – we have had a crazy crazy week with assignments and uni commitments…like seriously crazy) yet we still attempted to stay healthy. Here are the results:

Weight: 59.9kg (-0.1kg)

Body Fat: 30% (-0.6%)

Morale: I am ecstatic that I actually reached my goal!

Exercise: a couple of bicycle rides, walking, squats and lunges.

Food: I have splurged on Subway, wedges and hot chips. Good foods have been avocados, eggs, fruit juices, and salads.

Drink:  water, Agrum (blood orange), hot chocolate and homemade juices.


TOTAL Weight Loss:  -2.4kg (62.3kg – 59.9kg)

TOTAL Body Fat Change: -2.8% (32.8% – 30%)

I can’t tell you how good it felt to see that number; relief swept over me and I was so proud of my achievement even though it’s a small loss in the scheme of things.

Thanks for joining me through this challenge and encouraging me along the way.

Here is a picture of one of the juices we enjoyed this week.

Carrot Juice (carrots, celery, apples)

Have an amazing Monday!

Edit: I’m linking up with the domestic wannabe again this week :)

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Getting Under 60: Week 7

This week I splurged a lot on food because we celebrated my birthday over the weekend. There were a few family specials, dinner’s out, and delicious food made by friends. I allowed myself to splurge without the guilt but I found that I could only have small portions of the foods I would have usually completely devoured in the past; I got full so quickly.

With that in mind, here are this week’s stats:

Weight: 60kg (-0.9kg)

Body Fat: 30.6% (-0.4%)

Morale: I’m feeling great! I am so thrilled with this weeks progress and I’ve been really positive all week – craving the good stuff :)

Exercise: a few bicycle rides, walking and lunges.

Food: I have splurged on Subway, hot chips, sopaipillas, pizza x2, chocolate ice-cream cake (yum), a Callipo icy-pole, hash browns, and too much olive oil on my salads. Good foods have been avocados, tomatoes, cucumber, eggs, fruit juices, green juices, bruschetta, and salads.

Drink:  water, coke and homemade juices.

I am so proud of this week’s effort. It’s nice to know I could enjoy my weekend with some birthday treats and still have a weight loss at the end of it because I looked after my portion sizes. Also, Lynden and I did a one day juice detox at the beginning of the week. It was really good, but I may have killed Lynden with the last juice I gave him (made up of kale, spinach, onion and garlic, ha!).

I nearly died on my first bicycle ride of the week even though it was the same short route I usually take. I think being sick recently slowed me down and my body had to regain it’s momentum. On Thursday night Lynden stayed late at uni finishing off an assignment so I decided to take the opportunity of being alone to only walk around the house doing lunges. Haha, you should’ve seen Asterix’s face as I lunged to the various rooms of the house. I can tell you, I certainly found a lot less excuses to move around that night and my thighs and bum were super sore the next couple of days! I absolutely hate hate hate lunges, but my body type consists of big thighs and hips so it’s one of those things I think I need to include in my workouts. Doing it this way was actually really good because my mind wasn’t focused on the lunges, rather I was trying to think of my destination. Yep, you think I’m crazy!

Anyway, I can’t believe I’m just 100 grams away from reaching my goal weight for this series! Seriously, last week I wasn’t sure I’d make it because my weight loss had slowed to a snail’s pace, but I’m so close now and feeling so healthy :D

Here are some of the healthy foods I made this week – the first couple are juices – I hope they inspire you in some way to make something healthy.

Juice (oranges, carrots, celery, apples, cucumber, ginger)

Green Savoury Juice (kale, italian spinach, onion, garlic, ginger, capsicum)

Salad for One (Italian spinach, tomato, cucumber, avocado, salt, olive oil, lemon)

When making a salad as a whole meal, I think it’s important to go big. Salads won’t be that filling over long periods of time if they don’t include protein so I like to make big salads in these cases.

Has anyone else had success this week? Please share :)

Edit: I’m linking up with the domestic wannabe – go check her out.

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Getting Under 60: Week 6

Yes, I am aware I look terrible in these pictures!

Sorry for the absence from the blog at the end of last week. I really wasn’t feeling well and uni was really really terrible – dealing with some issues with one of my units, grrr. Needless to say, I didn’t have a lot of focus on health last week other than trying to get better while also trying to stay on top of uni work. I’m still pleased to report a small loss which suggests that my healthy habits are becoming a little more ingrained into my day-to-day life – even when I’m not feeling well enough to focus my energy on health.

Here’s this weeks info:

Weight: 60.9kg (-0.1kg)

Body Fat: 31% (-0.1%)

Morale: pretty low. I was sick last week so I didn’t really exercise or focus a lot on when/what I was eating.

Exercise: a couple of bicycle rides.

Food: I have splurged on Subway, Salsas, hot chips and crisps. Good foods have been avocados, tomatoes, cucumber, potatoes, salads and eggs.

Drink:  water, hot chocolate and 1 small bottle of Agrum (blood orange).

There isn’t a lot more to say for Week 6 (edit: I originally wrote week 5, oops) other than I hope I can put in a really good effort this coming week. My plan is to step up my exercise and do my best to stick to healthy foods. Pretty basic.

I only took one picture of a healthy meal I made this week.

Bruschetta (tomatoes, cucumber, basil, garlic, avocado, danish feta, salt, olive oil, bread)

Only two weeks left. I have to make them count!


Edit: check out the domestic wannabe for some more health inspiration :)

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Getting Under 60: Week 5

The first half of this week I was a bit slack with my food choices but in the second half my brain switched and I started craving the healthy foods I’d been forcing myself to eat. It was a great feeling knowing I wanted the good foods and I knew that this was a huge step forward in the weight loss mind game.

When it came to exercise, this week was really slow. I usually like to go on my short bike rides with Lynden but since he was so busy with assignments it was really difficult to carve out time. Having said that, the last time I went on a short bike ride, I felt a lot less puffed-out than normal. Even though the rides have been slightly irregular, I’m starting to see some healthy long term results. This was one of the things I really wanted to improve on when I started this; I hated that I felt out of breath so easily. This coming week I plan on going on bike rides more consistently (even though it’s forecast to rain heavily for the next few days!).

Here are the stats for this week:

Weight: 61kg (-0.2kg)

Body Fat: 31.1% (-0.4%)

Morale: I’ve actually felt really good this week. My body (and mind) is becoming accustomed to healthy food and habits being the norm – it’s great.

Exercise: only two bicycle rides this week :(

Food: I have splurged on Subway, Maltesers, popcorn and Tim Tams (again). Good foods have been apples, tomatoes, cucumber, lentils, cole slaw, potatoes, salads and eggs.

Drink:  water, 1 can of Pepsi, and one 600mL bottle of coke. Again, this week I will try to cut out all soda – apparently I find this a hard task.

The 200g of weight loss this week is solely associated with my eating habits in the second half of the week. I know that if I keep up healthy eating and exercising regularly this coming week I will see better results. I am still very happy that I had a loss this week though.

I took a couple of snaps this week of some of the healthy foods I made to remind myself that healthy food can be delicious.

Roast potatoes and garlic with herbs (potatoes, garlic, paprika, italian herbs, cajun, salt and olive oil)

Cole slaw (cabbage, carrot, onion, apple, mayonnaise, salt and pepper)

Lentil soup (lentils, carrot, onion, italian herbs, paprika, cajun and salt)

I hope I make good choices this week. I’m looking forward to next week’s results :)

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Getting Under 60: Week 4


I felt like I constantly wanted to eat junk. I craved delicious, greasy pub food all week. And chocolate. It’s like my body was taking a stand against last week’s good efforts. I didn’t stick to my my meal plans and I snacked a million times a day. Ugh. It was just a hard week.

Weight: 61.2kg (+0.1kg)

Body Fat: 31.5% (-0.7%)

Morale: pretty low. This past week had me really feeling like giving up, I was just soooo hungry and unmotivated. But with my results being (a lot) better than I expected, I have a renewed energy for this challenge.

Exercise: riding my bicycle (still very short rides). As with the rest of my stats this week, not much of a change here. I didn’t do those strength workouts I had wanted to do, or any other fitness routine other than riding my bike when I could.

Food: I have splurged on hot chips (twice), subway (twice), cheese, cheesy toast, and Tim Tams. I have eaten well with fruits for snacks,  eggs, onion and garlic for breakfast, and artichokes, tomatoes and salads for dinner. Lunch usually consisted of the bad/splurge meals listed above.

Drink:  a whole lot of water and half a can of coke. Again, this week I will try to cut out all soda.

In all honesty, I am completely shocked I didn’t gain all my weight back this week. I think it was worse in my head than it actually was – apparently I didn’t eat enough bad stuff to warrant a severe weight increase. I am really happy that even though my weight has remained very much the same, my body fat is still slowly coming down.This is quite encouraging to me; it’s a relief to have that extra statistic reminding me that health isn’t just about the weight, but about the quality of that weight (that sounds weird) and overall quality of my health.

However, I also always felt like snacking on apples. Which is weird, since I don’t like apples.

But I also enjoyed some of my favourite healthy foods…

Tomatoes are my happy place.

And yes, I do eat them like they’re apples.

I also took some pictures that I hope to use down the track to see how my appearance changes with my weight loss.

I hope to see that little poky belly disappear!

Time (and effort) will tell.


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Getting Under 60: Week 3

After last week’s post, my friend Stacey contacted me about meeting up to give me some ideas and tips to help with getting healthy. She has done personal training courses and been involved in health programs in different parts of the world. You can find out more about Stacey and see what she’s upto by visiting her blog Eat Move Glow.

The great thing about Stacey is, she loves everything to do with health and fitness. That means she really cares about my health and really really wants to see me succeed. I could feel her passion as she asked me what foods I currently eat, what exercise I do, the foods I like and don’t like – and lets be honest, I’m a really fussy eater so she had her job cut-out for her when attempting to give me any good food ideas – and she shared with me what she considered healthy foods and foods to avoid…in detail. Which is exactly what I needed. She also chatted to me about exercise. But since my little brain could only handle making one big change this week, I didn’t really focus on exercise at all. Next week I will hopefully have more to share on this front.

I made a big effort to eat healthier options of the foods I love (e.g. rye instead of multi-grain bread) and really wanted to take on the idea of scheduling my meals for the day. I often forget to eat until dinner time, by which point I am grumpy and starving and I find myself going for quick food (fast food, chocolate, etc.). So, Stacey had me attempt to include five meals in my day: breakfast, a small morning snack, lunch, a small afternoon snack, and dinner. I have to admit, there were some days I didn’t stick to it, but whenever I could, I stuck to this schedule and I loved it. I realised that I’d attempted three meals a day in the past, but with healthy food I would find myself hungry after only a short while, so adding these two extra small snacks was the perfect fit for me.

With this in mind, I was really nervous as I stepped on the scales today. I was worried that I wouldn’t see a change again even though I knew I’d been making a big effort in the food department. But…here are the stats.

Weight: 61.1kg (-1.2kg)

Body Fat: 32.2% (-1%)

Morale: relieved! It’s good to see a change. I’m pumped up for the week ahead but also slightly worried that I can’t keep it up.

Exercise: riding my bicycle (very short rides at this point). This coming week I hope to also add in strength workouts and increase the length of my bicycle rides.

Food: I have splurged on subway and Tim Tams. I have tried to eat healthy food five times a day according to Stacey’s recommendation (breakfast – avocado on toast, morning snack – almonds, lunch – salad, afternoon snack – almonds or veges and dip, dinner – bruschetta, sandwiches, or a rye wrap).

Drink: fizzy drink and water. This coming week I am hoping to cut out soda completely.

Here are some before and after pics.

Wow. Amazing!

But seriously, thanks for sharing in my journey so far. This challenge has really been keeping me on top of my food choices and reminding me to be healthy.

Happy Monday xx

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Getting Under 60: Week 2

I’m really surprised with how quick this week went by. I didn’t think it had gone so fast until I realised I needed to sit down and write an update to my Getting Under 60 post. I’m just going to dive straight into it and give you the stats.

Weight: 62.3kg (+/- 0kg)

Body Fat: 33.2% (in the obese category – not healthy!)

Morale: still feeling really good. Positive about the coming week.

Exercise: jogging x 1, sit-ups, (girly) pushups.

Food: I have splurged on pizza, subway, hot chips, shapes biscuits. I have eaten well with lots of tomatoes, potatoes, cucumbers, artichokes, bananas.

Drink: fizzy drink, hot chocolate, water.

As you can see, my weight has stayed exactly the same. I’d like to think of this as a positive since it means I didn’t gain any weight this week. More importantly, I feel like I’ve been thinking healthier this week. I am conscious of the food choices I’m making (not just feeling guilty after-the-fact) and have made small steps towards eating better. I think this will improve with time as I train my mind to bypass temptation for a greater reward: feeling healthy and beautiful.

Today I measured myself to be fitted for a bridesmaid dress. It’s a bit intimidating getting out the measuring tape, but at least having my numbers written down can be a good way to see how my body tones over time. I’m proud of what I’ve achieved so far. I am happy that I feel positive and conscious of my efforts; that is a step forward.

Lynden took a few snaps of me with the dreaded measuring tape. I’m sorry about my crazy hair in the last picture…it’s just a wee bit frizzy.

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