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The cat in the tree

Asterix is such a trusting cat.

He climbs trees all the time and sometimes, when he’s feeling especially lazy, he’ll see us and meow for us to catch him. He’ll make his way partway down the tree then let go, because he just knows I’ll catch him.

I love that about him.

Speaking of animals in trees…as we pulled into our driveway last night, Lynden and I saw this owl in one of our trees (a brown owl maybe?). It was so cool to see him just perched there. His head was doing the whole owl thing; shifting side to side.

13Jan_23_12853-EditI’ve decided that if Lynden was an animal, he’d be an owl. Either that, or a bear.

Happy Thursday!

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Birthday with Friends

Sorry for my absence from the blog this week – Lynden’s been really sick but I have no excuse other than I took some time to recover from our trip. I have so many images to share with you from our time away (and from before and after too!).

I really wanted to share this post before we left for Sydney but I ran out of time. So here is the final chapter of my birthday celebrations this year.

My lovely friends Ryan and Kyla had Lynden and I over at their place for a birthday dinner. Elizabeth also joined in on the festivities.
I was so touched that RyKy (as I like to call them in my head) gave me such a lovely birthday evening. I was quite surprised when they even whipped out a birthday cake for me.

It was THE MOST DELICIOUS ICE CREAM CAKE I’ve ever eaten. One second I was devouring it…the next, someone mentions that Kyla had made it for me. What?!

Seriously, she is such a good friend. Kyla, thank you so much for having us over for a lovely dinner and making that delicious cake for me; it meant so much.


While we were there, I also took the opportunity to stalk their gorgeous cat Maverick with my camera.

I don’t think I’ve introduced Maverick on my blog before. He is such a cool cat.

He is super buff with an athletic build…yet he leaps like a gazelle.Unfortunately I don’t have any images to show you of Mav playing but I do have a little video I took of him that night.

Ryan and Kyla mentioned that they bought him a cat sweater but they put it on him once and he just lost all interest in life. We thought we’d give it one more try to see if he’d changed his mind about it.

Haha. My favourite part of the video is hearing Ryan say,”aw, take it off him!” at the end.

Happy Sunday!

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