Those graduates

Aveline graduated from uni the weekend before she got married. So, of course, Elizabeth and I decided to go to Sydney just in time to make it for her grad.


We were so proud!12Dec_09_10248-Edit

We also bumped into quite a few other graduates that we knew so that made the event extra fun.

Here’s Julian with his family. His younger sister Macauley (next to him) is my little sister’s best friend.

Aveline’s dad, Carlos (or Tio Carlos to me), also snuck in to the graduating class; graduating with a Master’s degree.12Dec_09_10260-Edit

This is Brock. We know him from the West.12Dec_09_10261-Edit

And of course, I was sooo excited to see my beautiful friends Lee and Rhianna there for Lee’s graduation.12Dec_09_10269-Edit


And I caught a quick snap of Lee’s parents too.12Dec_09_10273-Edit

This is Megan with Elizabeth.12Dec_09_10277-Edit

And our dear friend Amy was there to celebrate her sister Megan (seen above).12Dec_09_10280-Edit

And please don’t even ask me what’s going on with my hair in this picture! I just had to include it anyway because I love Amy and Liz, but I think my hair was a victim to all the hugs I participated in.12Dec_09_10285-EditMaybe one day I’ll celebrate my own grad…haha, it’s only been about eight years coming :P

Have a great weekend, see you on Monday.


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