At the end of November Lynden and I took a trip to the museum. It was nice to spend the day together; looking at the world through the eyes of history.

The museum isn’t very big and there weren’t any major events going on at the time so we didn’t spend a long time there. I didn’t take a lot of pictures either, but since this is something I had on my Year of 24 list I wanted to share a couple of the pictures I took. They aren’t the best pictures because the museum was really dark and I didn’t want to use my flash.

This is Lynden with a bison. It was massive; the photo doesn’t do it justice.




A picture Lynden took of me.12Nov_29_9862-Edit

Lyn is the most handsome man I know! Love him.

Love him to bits.12Nov_29_9925-Edit

See you tomorrow with more photos :)


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