65 Days

I don’t often write about my beliefs on my blog. However, I am a passionate Christian, and lately I’ve been on a personal mission to change my heart so that it is more reflective of Christ’s heart. Having said that, I’ve done a terrible job sometimes so don’t let me fool you into thinking I’m anything special!

The great thing is, I’ve also come to realise that my heart won’t be changed through my own volition, I just need to let God change me by keeping my eyes fixed on Him and Him alone, not to my own desires. I think reading my bible is a clear way of hearing God’s voice and letting Him lead my life.

In my Year of 24 list, I wrote that I wanted to “read my bible daily”. I have just reached day number 65!

I started a bible plan through my bible app (I use this bible app), which guides me into reading the whole bible in one year (the plan I chose is called ‘blended’).



Technically, there have been some days that I missed, and others where I have read two or three days worth of readings to catch up. I have loved it so far! I found that on the days that I missed I was easier to anger and get agitated, while the days that I dived into it I felt so much peace.

Being up to day 65 means I only have 300 days left until I’ve read the whole bible through!

I’ve been reading the bible my whole life, but I’ve never managed to get through the whole thing. Which is ok, because at this point in my life I feel like I’m reading a lot of familiar passages with new eyes anyway. It’s been a wonderful adventure that has brought a lot of comfort to me, and it has been a great way to remind myself of how I can be a better person, for myself and others.

The app also has a verse of the day which I really enjoy. Here is today’s verse of the day; it’s a personal favourite of mine :)


Thanks for letting me share this little milestone with you. I know this kind of stuff is not everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s my truth so I needed to share it :)

Happy Thursday xox

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