Michelle’s Farewell

Yesterday we said goodbye to my cousin Michelle, who has spent the last two years living with my parents. She is now travelling back home to Chile where her family is and I’m sure they’re all filled with excitement to see her after such a long time!

It was sad for us to say goodbye though.

This is my dad Skyping with Michelle’s mum and little brother while we were at the airport.

And you can see my dad crying in the background of this picture. Haha, just kidding. The men in my life don’t cry. For example, I’ve never seen Lynden cry. Ever. He probably doesn’t even have tear ducts.

And I don’t think Michael (my sister’s boyfriend) was ready for Michelle to go.

Gonna miss this cheeky girl. I love her smile!

Michelle, I hope you arrive home safely; I can’t believe we’ll be celebrating Christmas without you!



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