Dad’s Birthday

This sickness has really stuck around! I was feeling a better after Monday’s post only to get worse the last couple of days. I have spent most of the days sleeping and coughing. Then suddenly, this afternoon I’m feeling a bit better. Hopefully this trend continues and I’ll be feeling completely well in no time.

Anyway, last month we celebrated my dad’s birthday. When Lynden and I arrived at my parent’s place, the older ‘kids’ were playing chess and chinese checkers.

Meanwhile, the little kids ran around, jumped and zoomed past. I think Ethan is just having a little rest between runs here :)

And at one point I managed to accidentally catch him mid-fall. Hehe.

Ethan had hurt himself when he fell over at church or something previously (I forget exactly how it happened) and he had the cutest red scratch on his nose.

The big kids transitioned from games to computers at some point while lunch was being prepared.

I’m pretty sure they were watching youtube videos at this point.

In our family, we’ve discovered that my brother and sister look more like my dad but are very similar to my mum in personality and temperament; whereas I look like my mum but am very similar to my dad in personality and temperament.

However, I never realised how similar my mannerisms were to my dad’s until I went through the pictures from his birthday. All his facial expressions and movements are just like mine!

It was a lovely day so we spent most of our time in the backyard (where I got hit in the head with a ball while taking a picture – thanks Lynden!).

The handsome birthday boy!

This is Ethan showing me his chocolate and wanting me to take a picture of it :)

Even though the weather wasn’t quite warm enough for swimming, it was nice enough for some splashing.

But don’t worry, me and my camera weren’t the only one’s supervising the kids next to the water; my dad was right beside them the whole time.

I hope you’ve had a wonderful week so far xx


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