Wedding fever…literally

Yesterday we were fortunate enough to attend another beautiful wedding.Our lovely friends Adam and Chanelle were married in Yallingup yesterday. It was a gorgeous location and both the groom/groomsmen plus the bride/bridesmaids looked amazing. I will be sharing pictures soon (once I’ve caught up with all the other pictures I want to share). I can’t wait to share more images with you!

The one above was taken on my phone by my friend Kyla (thanks!). It’s all I’ve got for now and I know today I should be posting a health update, but I’m really sick at the moment and haven’t gotten out of bed all day other than to use the bathroom and grab a quick bite of toast :(

I was getting better, but I went pretty hard on the dance floor at the wedding (thank you painkillers! – I hope no one at our table thought I was taking actual drugs, though after seeing my dancing they probably did) and my poor little body isn’t recovering very well. So worth it though.

I’ve also struggled to get much sleep because my coughing fits keep waking me up, so I think that’s also contributed to me feeling worse today. Plus, we didn’t get home until 2am last night since it was a 3 1/2 hour drive back home from the wedding (we decided to come home instead of stay overnight at Yallingup so don’t feel sorry for us, it’s our own fault). Luckily, Lynden hasn’t seemed to have caught this cold/flu from me. I hope it stays that way…I hate it when he’s sick :(

Anyway, I am hoping to post our health post tomorrow but we might have to skip this week because of my sickness and an overloading of wedding food these last two weeks :P

Sorry I haven’t posted much on the blog lately. I’m hoping to be posting more regularly as soon as I’m better. Even if just for my own sake.

Enjoy your Monday xx

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