Losing It {2}

As I mentioned yesterday, we were at a wedding so I wasn’t able to post our health update until today.

To be honest, I was a little worried this week that I would have gained weight because of all the events going on, but luckily it appears that both Lynden and I have had a small loss – Lynden more so than me.

Haidy Lynden
Weight 61.5kg (-0.3kg) 102.9 (-0.8kg)
Body Fat 31.2% (+0.2%) 33.4% (+3.8%)
Morale I’m feeling alright about the next week but I’d like to include bike rides and running into my exercise regime  I’m feeling good
Exercise Squash, walking, gardening  Squash
Food Salads, eggs, chips, wedges, pizza, carrots, chocolate, pumpkin soup, steamed vegetables, potatoes, tomatoes, rice, vege curry, lentils  Salads, wedges, pizza, carrots, pumpkin soup, steamed vegetables, potatoes, tomatoes, rice, vege curry, lentils
Drink Water, hot chocolate, coke, lemonade  Water, coffee, lemonade

Even though both of us had a small loss this week, we both gained in our body fat percentage. I’m going to be a bit lenient on us though since the last couple of weeks have included birthdays, hen’s parties, buck’s parties, and a wedding.

However, during the week we’ve attempted small changes here and there with regard to food; making sure we’re eating wholemeal rather than white bread or having brown rice instead of white rice, etc. We also made a bigger effort to eat at home rather than get a takeout meal at Subway or something. Just small changes that will hopefully become good habits and our natural instinct over time.

We also played squash twice this week with our friends Ryan and Kyla (I’m a total beginner but it’s a lot of fun), if only we didn’t have to pay to play.

Hopefully we’ll fit in more squash this week and I’d also like to start riding our bikes again. It’s been a bit rainy (including a few thunderstorm days) but this week looks like it will be clearing up. No excuses!

I’d love to hear if anyone else is challenging themselves to a healthier lifestyle. What have you found works for you?

Have a great Tuesday :)

I’m linking up with The Domestic Wannabe if you’re interested in reading some more health inspired posts.

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