I told Lynden I wanted to go to a park.

I particularly wanted to go to a park with “pretty flowers and tall trees”.

He wasn’t too keen on driving any sort of distance to get to a park that day, but eventually I convinced him to make the drive to Araluen for a mini picnic together.

It was so nice to lie in the sun and enjoy the day; we don’t do that enough. Thanks for taking me mini-picnicing honey.

I always ask Lynden to take a picture of me (in case you haven’t noticed :P) which makes me very unlike most photographers who prefer to stay behind the lens. I personally love being behind the lens…but I also don’t mind being in front of it. I hope you don’t think I’m narcissistic! I just like reliving memories and I like remembering what I was like. I think it’ll be nice for my future kids to see pictures of me before they were born; I love those pictures of my mum and dad.

Having said that, here is Lynden pretending to be a king on his throne. I love taking pictures of him :)

I also took some pictures of the pretty flowers we’d travelled all that way to see.

Aren’t they fascinating!

Nature is a beautiful thing.

Have an amazing weekend!

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