Losing It {1}

I haven’t written a health post since my last Getting Under 60 post where I managed to reach 59.9kg. Then we went to Sydney for Lee and Rhianna’s wedding and I allowed myself to eat and drink whatever junk I wanted.

Unexpectedly, I only gained about 500g by the time we got home because of all the walking we did while we were away. However, once we got back, my bad eating habits had stuck and I wasn’t doing as much vigourous walking anymore. Undoubtedly, I gained most of my weight back.

Sooo, today I am starting a new series titled Losing It. Lynden and I will be doing this series together because we’re both sick of being unhealthy and overweight and it’s so much easier if we’re doing it together.

Every Monday I’ll be sharing both of our progress until we reach our goal weights.

My goal weight is 52kg

Lynden’s goal weight is 85kg

This process will take a while but I’d love to share it with you here on my blog because I’ve found that it’s great at keeping me accountable.

Here are our stats for week 1

Haidy Lynden
Weight 61.8kg 103.7kg
Body Fat 31% 29.6%
Morale Good Good
Exercise None Gardening
Food Salads, eggs, apples, corn, chips, chocolate, sweetened condensed milk, bruschetta, pizza Salad, bruschetta, pizza, pasta, cereal, hotdogs, chicken, McDonald’s
Drink Water, hot chocolate, coke, appletizer, fronti, dry ginger ale, iced chocolate Coffee, water, iced chocolate, milk, dry ginger ale, coke

I’m so excited to be doing this with Lynden. It’s so important to both of us to have a healthy lifestyle, not just a healthy appearance. Though, looking good is always a really nice perk ;) Doing it together means we’re creating good habits for life.

With a bit of hard work, I know we can pull this off.

Edit: I’m linked up with The Domestic Wannabe for Move It Monday.

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6 thoughts on “Losing It {1}

  1. wartica says:

    Best of luck to the two of you, but you’ve both got this:))

  2. Ashley says:

    It is always more motivating to work on yourself when you have someone on the journey with you. You guys will do great!

  3. Crazycurls says:

    So nice to have a partner! Can’t wait to see your progress!

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