Sorry for the long absence!

The past week has been absolutely crazy! I don’t think I’ve stepped foot on my blog since just over a week ago…I’m so sorry! I’m pretty sure my mum thought I’d died. A few text messages later and she was content to hear I was still breathing. Love you mum.

We have been moving at full speed with uni assignments. Uni has been our second home – not by choice, but by pure need. I guess that’s the downside when we’re both overloading.

The upside is that we have been able to suffer together; it isn’t quite so bad when you have your best friend with you and they know your pain. I’m glad I don’t get sick of Lynden’s company because that boy and I have spent every single waking moment together….not to say we weren’t absolutely grumpy by the end of it though!!

Grumpy but happy. Is that even possible? Actually, I think we bonded over our mutual hatred of uni :P

Anyway, tomorrow I’ll be sharing pictures from Lee and Rhianna’s wedding. I hope I have some good one’s to share.

And here’s a picture of some pretty cherry blossom flowers from my mother-in-law’s garden for you to enjoy :)

Have a great Tuesday!


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