Bridge and House

I had previously visited Sydney twice before this trip. Neither of those times did we have a chance to see the city centre or the attractions. The first time we were only there for the weekend and didn’t have time, and the second trip I had inconveniently broken my leg the day before…so I was slightly invalid.

But this time, this time I finally visited the city centre and saw the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera house in person. Yay!

I can cross this one off my Year of 24 list :)First, we rode across the bridge via train (the picture above was taken while on the train – I was very much a tourist over there, whipping out my camera on the train and all).

But then we were able to see it from the Harbour.

It wasn’t all that exciting for Lynden since he used to live in Sydney. But I figured that I should actually see my own country’s iconic structures at some point, right?

It was nice to finally get a picture at the steps of the Opera House.

We were only there for two minutes (literally) when we realised we only had 6 minutes before our ferry left from the harbour. Eek!

So we ran.

From the Opera House to the harbour. It’s a lot longer than I remembered when we had casually strolled down in the other direction. And poor Lynden was wearing a backpack full of all our stuff. And my shoes weren’t made for running so I got terrible blisters.

But…we made it. Only to find out it was low tide so the ferry wouldn’t take us where we needed to go. As soon as we stepped away they closed the gate and sailed away. We were definitely cutting it close.

This is a picture of Lynden about 15 minutes later still recovering from our run, waiting for the train instead.

It was certainly an adventure :)

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