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Hang gliders

When we visited Newcastle in NSW we spotted some hang gliders and parasailers all across the beaches. It was pretty cool to see.

I was only able to grab a couple of snaps through the car window as they whizzed overhead but at least the pictures aren’t blurry.

Is there anyone else that thought it was called hand gliding (as opposed to hang gliding)? Lucky I did a google search first, right?

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Losing It {1}

I haven’t written a health post since my last Getting Under 60 post where I managed to reach 59.9kg. Then we went to Sydney for Lee and Rhianna’s wedding and I allowed myself to eat and drink whatever junk I wanted.

Unexpectedly, I only gained about 500g by the time we got home because of all the walking we did while we were away. However, once we got back, my bad eating habits had stuck and I wasn’t doing as much vigourous walking anymore. Undoubtedly, I gained most of my weight back.

Sooo, today I am starting a new series titled Losing It. Lynden and I will be doing this series together because we’re both sick of being unhealthy and overweight and it’s so much easier if we’re doing it together.

Every Monday I’ll be sharing both of our progress until we reach our goal weights.

My goal weight is 52kg

Lynden’s goal weight is 85kg

This process will take a while but I’d love to share it with you here on my blog because I’ve found that it’s great at keeping me accountable.

Here are our stats for week 1

Haidy Lynden
Weight 61.8kg 103.7kg
Body Fat 31% 29.6%
Morale Good Good
Exercise None Gardening
Food Salads, eggs, apples, corn, chips, chocolate, sweetened condensed milk, bruschetta, pizza Salad, bruschetta, pizza, pasta, cereal, hotdogs, chicken, McDonald’s
Drink Water, hot chocolate, coke, appletizer, fronti, dry ginger ale, iced chocolate Coffee, water, iced chocolate, milk, dry ginger ale, coke

I’m so excited to be doing this with Lynden. It’s so important to both of us to have a healthy lifestyle, not just a healthy appearance. Though, looking good is always a really nice perk ;) Doing it together means we’re creating good habits for life.

With a bit of hard work, I know we can pull this off.

Edit: I’m linked up with The Domestic Wannabe for Move It Monday.

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While we were in NSW we visited some of Lynden’s family friends. In fact, it was Lynden’s namesake; the man he was named after. They were lovely – though I don’t know how it came about, I can understand why they used his name for their son.

And, they lived in a picturesque location in amongst nature.

I wished I owned a macro lens while I was there, but my 50mm did a good enough job to capture some of the beautiful details of the lovely location. The landscapes were taken with my 18-55mm lens.

I hope you’ve had a lovely Thursday so far :)

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Lee & Rhianna’s Wedding

Today I’d like to share pictures of Lee and Rhianna’s wedding day.

Here are some of the pictures.

Rhianna looked so beautiful!

Lee asked Lynden to say a prayer; he was so nervous. I think he did great.

Thanks for the wonderful day Lee and Rhianna! It was a pleasure sharing it with you.


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Sorry for the long absence!

The past week has been absolutely crazy! I don’t think I’ve stepped foot on my blog since just over a week ago…I’m so sorry! I’m pretty sure my mum thought I’d died. A few text messages later and she was content to hear I was still breathing. Love you mum.

We have been moving at full speed with uni assignments. Uni has been our second home – not by choice, but by pure need. I guess that’s the downside when we’re both overloading.

The upside is that we have been able to suffer together; it isn’t quite so bad when you have your best friend with you and they know your pain. I’m glad I don’t get sick of Lynden’s company because that boy and I have spent every single waking moment together….not to say we weren’t absolutely grumpy by the end of it though!!

Grumpy but happy. Is that even possible? Actually, I think we bonded over our mutual hatred of uni :P

Anyway, tomorrow I’ll be sharing pictures from Lee and Rhianna’s wedding. I hope I have some good one’s to share.

And here’s a picture of some pretty cherry blossom flowers from my mother-in-law’s garden for you to enjoy :)

Have a great Tuesday!


Bridge and House

I had previously visited Sydney twice before this trip. Neither of those times did we have a chance to see the city centre or the attractions. The first time we were only there for the weekend and didn’t have time, and the second trip I had inconveniently broken my leg the day before…so I was slightly invalid.

But this time, this time I finally visited the city centre and saw the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera house in person. Yay!

I can cross this one off my Year of 24 list :)First, we rode across the bridge via train (the picture above was taken while on the train – I was very much a tourist over there, whipping out my camera on the train and all).

But then we were able to see it from the Harbour.

It wasn’t all that exciting for Lynden since he used to live in Sydney. But I figured that I should actually see my own country’s iconic structures at some point, right?

It was nice to finally get a picture at the steps of the Opera House.

We were only there for two minutes (literally) when we realised we only had 6 minutes before our ferry left from the harbour. Eek!

So we ran.

From the Opera House to the harbour. It’s a lot longer than I remembered when we had casually strolled down in the other direction. And poor Lynden was wearing a backpack full of all our stuff. And my shoes weren’t made for running so I got terrible blisters.

But…we made it. Only to find out it was low tide so the ferry wouldn’t take us where we needed to go. As soon as we stepped away they closed the gate and sailed away. We were definitely cutting it close.

This is a picture of Lynden about 15 minutes later still recovering from our run, waiting for the train instead.

It was certainly an adventure :)

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Jake is Lee and Rhianna’s foster dog. I recently wrote a post about them here.

Unfortunately, because Lee and Rhianna are moving for work soon and won’t be able to take Jake with them, he will have to find a new foster home or a good family to adopt him.

I hope they’re able to find someone soon because this little guy is so fun and deserves a happy, healthy home.

This picture makes me laugh every time I stumble across it…he’s giving me the crazy eye.

I loved that when he fell asleep he couldn’t keep his tongue in his mouth. I wish I could sleep like that :P

All the best finding him a new home Lee and Rhianna.


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A Day With Aveline

I mentioned in this post that I spent a day in Sydney with Aveline and her lovely family.

Here are some more pictures from that day. It was such a nice day to be out and about!

I love those guys!

Thanks for always making me feel like part of the family xx

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First Meetings

I had never met my darling little cousin Elijah until we visited Sydney recently.

My cousins Leisly and Ben had Eli just two days before Levi was born (check out this post). They are both the sons of my first cousins, but this was the first time I got to see this precious boy in the flesh. He is ADORABLE!

He was only awake for a short time while we were there and, in his half-awake state, didn’t quite know what to make of us. It was hilarious for us…but perhaps a little traumatic for him, poor guy. He couldn’t stop staring at Lynden and I, just trying to figure out who on earth we were. He kept looking between us then to his mum for some sort of explanation.

Our plane was heavily delayed on our way into Sydney, so we didn’t have that long to spend with these guys before we settled in at Lynden’s sisters house. But, although it was brief, we had a wonderful time catching up with some of the cousins I barely ever get to see these days. I don’t think I’d seen some of them since our wedding! Sigh. I wish we were closer.

Thanks for having us Heizy, Mark, Leisly, Ben, Randy and Eli!

I’m just sorry I didn’t get a picture with all of us together. Next time (which is hopefully sooner rather than later!).


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Michelle’s Graduation

In September, my sister-in-law Michelle graduated from uni.

It was so exciting to see her achieve this huge milestone.

This was the whole support team :)

There were a lot of congratulatory hugs…

And pictures with some of Michelle’s favourite people.

I also had to get some pictures of Lynden with his grandfather (Pa). They are such kindred spirits; these two could talk for hours – they spent the whole time chatting and comparing notes.

We also bumped into one of my school friends, Louise, who happened to graduate on the same day. Congrats Louise!

It was such a special day.

Congratulations Shell. So proud of you!!

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