The Reason

These two beautiful people are the reason we’re in Sydney.

Lee and Rhianna are getting married this weekend!

I met Lee when he was a groomsman at our wedding; he and Lynden grew up together. Lyn and Lee think of each other as brothers and I can understand why – it’s one of those bonds deeper than friendship. When we spent the night with them yesterday I couldn’t help but notice how similar those boys are; they really seem to get each other.

And Rhianna is so lovely. Lynden and I met her when we visited Sydney some years ago, so we’ve only met once before, yet somehow it feels like I’ve met her a million times. She’s so fun and friendly and I feel like she’s just one of those people I click with quite naturally. Even through the distance I hope these two remain to be some of our closest friends – they sure are wonderful!

Thanks so much for your hospitality and your friendship Lee and Rhianna. We can’t wait to see you two get married, it’s so obvious how much you love each other!

We also got to meet their adorable little foster dog Jake while we were there. He has so much energy and is so happy to be near you. He especially took a liking to Lynden and couldn’t stop staring at him.

Lee and Rhianna took Jake in when he was in a pretty bad state and they’ve cared and nurtured him back to health – physically and emotionally.

I love these next pictures of Lee holding Jake; I think they’ve taken quite a liking to each other :)

I’m planning on sharing some more photos of Jake next week so keep a look out for his cute little face.

And speaking of cute faces…

I just had to share a picture of my favourite boy.

Only two more sleeps until the wedding!!


2 thoughts on “The Reason

  1. Janet says:

    Yes, they are a wondeful couple + Jake = a family filled with much love.

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