Meeting Up

After we arrived in Sydney last night we met up with my cousins for dinner. We had such a lovely time!

We then made our way to Lynden’s sister’s place where we’re staying. It has been so lovely but I’ve barely seen Jeanie and Steve since we arrived (with us travelling around and them working). I’m looking forward to spending more time with them :)

Today, I made my way back into the city to spend the day with my best friend Aveline and her family. It was so much fun catching up with them and such a pleasure to meet new members of Ave’s family that I hadn’t met before.

I have had such a lovely time in the short period we’ve been here so far. I hope I have some good pictures to share when we get back home. I haven’t really had a chance to look at them all yet.

Happy Wednesday :)


2 thoughts on “Meeting Up

  1. I love the photo baby girl! and had so much fun with you today!

  2. Haidy Baskin says:

    I love it too. I had such a fun day with you!

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