September Babies

September is the best month to be born!

In our family, it also means a lot of celebrating because my brother, his beautiful wife Bec, and I are all September babies! Not only that, but we also celebrate Chilean Independence Day on the 18th of September too. So technically, it’s also Chile’s birthday in September. This is the reason our birthday decorations were blue, white and red themed when we celebrated over the weekend.

I hope you enjoy the pictures – the following images were taken by my beautiful sister Nicole :)

My cousins Billy and Tash got me a beautiful tomato plant (along with a couple of other tomato themed items)…they know me too well!

I’m sharing this following picture because it demonstrates the terrible day I was having prior to the party. I fell over after church (in front of quite a few people) and grazed my knee pretty badly. I ended up crying when I got to my parents house, not because I hurt my knee, but because I ruined the brand new shoes I was wearing. Shoes which had been given to me by my mum for my birthday. I felt so bad that I ruined them…but mum did a pretty good job of fixing them up :)

On top of this, I cut my finger while slicing tomatoes (you can see the bandaid on my finger in the picture too). It just wasn’t my day.

And apparently this is how I react when I accidentally see the price on one of my gifts.

But spending time with my lovely family made me feel a whole lot better.

Especially when I got to play with my brother’s new present…a very squishy fake mouse.

Thanks Nic for taking those pictures. Here is a pic of Nic with my parents and my cousin Michelle.

Don’t mind Tash frowning in the picture below, Levi had randomly given his mummy a naughty little bite. I love that he looks so innocent!

Happy Thursday :)


5 thoughts on “September Babies

  1. Natasha Martinez says:

    Hi Haidy, thanks again for your beautiful blog, I enjoy reading it so much. There is a photo of Levi ( the one where he is looking up at the camera) he looks so much like Cade!

    • Haidy Baskin says:

      Thanks so much for your comment Tash. I totally see what you mean about that photo…he does look a lot like Cade there :) Handsome boys! And of course if there’s ever an image you want (to print or have on your computer, etc.) just email me at and tell me which images you’d like and I’ll send you the picture in a bigger size/better quality xx

  2. Donald Praast says:

    Hi Haidy -I am cousin of your mother and live near Seattle, Washington. Love the photos. and must learn who Chile became Independant from. I have a cousin who blogs but don’t know how to see her blog. Be well!

    • Haidy Baskin says:

      Donald, great to hear from you! Thank you for your kind comment. I too need to learn more about Chile’s independence and overall history. You should search your cousin’s name in google perhaps. Some blogs are private too so maybe that’s why you’ve had trouble seeing it. All the best :)

  3. Sharon Morgan says:

    Love your blog, Haidy! Love your beautiful family!
    Feel your tears re the shoes – would love to have seen a picture of them too 😁
    And Happy September to you all xxxx

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