Dessert Date

The other night we decided to go on a dinner date.

Lynden and I had both had a really long day and had been surviving on very little sleep thanks to assignments. So since we were both so tired, we decided to have a short nap before going out for dinner.

At 8:30pm I woke up…Lynden was still in a deep sleep. I thought I’d wait a little longer before waking him; it had been a big week.

After getting distracted on my computer I shook Lynden awake at 9:30pm.

“Lyn, do you still want to go out somewhere?”


And he was back to sleep.

But I didn’t let his sleepiness stop me. I quickly searched online for places open late at night. That’s not a lot of places where we live.

Success. Chocolateria San Churro. Open.

I gently nudged Lynden awake and forced him to go on a dessert date with me :)

Thanks for going on that date with me Lyn. And for being such great company – sleepiness and all xx


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