Getting Under 60: Week 6

Yes, I am aware I look terrible in these pictures!

Sorry for the absence from the blog at the end of last week. I really wasn’t feeling well and uni was really really terrible – dealing with some issues with one of my units, grrr. Needless to say, I didn’t have a lot of focus on health last week other than trying to get better while also trying to stay on top of uni work. I’m still pleased to report a small loss which suggests that my healthy habits are becoming a little more ingrained into my day-to-day life – even when I’m not feeling well enough to focus my energy on health.

Here’s this weeks info:

Weight: 60.9kg (-0.1kg)

Body Fat: 31% (-0.1%)

Morale: pretty low. I was sick last week so I didn’t really exercise or focus a lot on when/what I was eating.

Exercise: a couple of bicycle rides.

Food: I have splurged on Subway, Salsas, hot chips and crisps. Good foods have been avocados, tomatoes, cucumber, potatoes, salads and eggs.

Drink:  water, hot chocolate and 1 small bottle of Agrum (blood orange).

There isn’t a lot more to say for Week 6 (edit: I originally wrote week 5, oops) other than I hope I can put in a really good effort this coming week. My plan is to step up my exercise and do my best to stick to healthy foods. Pretty basic.

I only took one picture of a healthy meal I made this week.

Bruschetta (tomatoes, cucumber, basil, garlic, avocado, danish feta, salt, olive oil, bread)

Only two weeks left. I have to make them count!


Edit: check out the domestic wannabe for some more health inspiration :)

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4 thoughts on “Getting Under 60: Week 6

  1. palabrah says:

    You look incredible in every way! Awesome progress

  2. I read this post and put down the Pringles I was munching.
    So, even if you’ve not had the best week so far you’ve at least stopped one random blogger from eating an entire tube of crisps.
    You look really good and healthy! Good luck with the future health start :)
    I’m planning on healthing up myself.

    • Haidy Baskin says:

      I am so pleased that my health posts have had a positive impact on someone else – that’s awesome. Thank you so much for your comment and encouraging words. I will keep at it and perhaps down the line I’ll be able to hear about your health progress too :)

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