Sick again

The last few days I haven’t been feeling very well. Today it finally manifested itself into what I assume is a cold; sore throat, headaches and feeling very tired. I spent the whole day sleeping it off and am hopeful I’ll feel better soon.

Since I haven’t had a chance to jump on my big computer today (our desktop computer where I edit all my images), here is a little instagram picture I took of my favourite boys yesterday.

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They are such a joy in my life. I was a little concerned that Asterix was also feeling unwell since he seemed a little off his food and more sleepy/snuggly than normal. His ears were also really hot this morning but the only way to check a cats temperature accurately is to do it rectally and I don’t think that would be enjoyable for anyone involved. So if he doesn’t appear any better tomorrow I will take him to get checked out at the vet. I’m very much hoping he isn’t sick since I know a cat’s health can deteriorate very quickly.

I’m also really worried that with me being sick, it is going to put me behind in my very full uni schedule. I have an assignment due on Friday that I need to focus all my energy on at the moment and I have quite a few more assignments to focus on after that but I still hope to post here daily. If I miss a day or two at least you know why.



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