Father’s Day 2012

What did you get up to on Father’s Day this year?

On Saturday we celebrated the Father’s on the Baskin side of the family: Lynden’s dad, uncle, grandfather and cousins. It was a lovely afternoon filled with laughter and heated discussions on topics ranging from church to Macs vs PCs.

This is a picture of my father-in-law hilariously trying to calm everyone down by covering his Apple symbol with a Dell sticker.

This picture (taken on Lynden’s iphone) is the only image I took that day :(


On Sunday morning we celebrated Father’s day with my side of the family; making delicious sopaipillas (a Chilean alternative to churros) and pancakes. We discussed some deep topics (one of my favourite pastimes) and shared traumatic stories from our childhoods. It was so funny to hear the things that stick in a child’s mind. I’m laughing out loud just thinking about it.

{For my lovely family that was there: how funny/traumatic was my dad’s story? I’m sorry I can’t share it here on the blog – it is in fact too terrible}

I only took about five pictures all up on Sunday and none of them included my dad. Fail! What’s with my lack of picture-taking this weekend?! Whoops.

Here’s a picture of my sister on Father’s Day instead :) Haha, Happy Father’s Day Nicole!

And Happy Father’s Day again to our dads. We love you so much xx

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