Reflections: August 2012

Do you like the little turtle I found in Lynden’s grandmother’s garden? I think it’s a garden light. Actually I have no idea if that’s true.

This month is hard for me to remember. I guess that’s why I need this blog…my memory is the equivalent of an 80 year old’s.

What I do know, is that within the past two weeks I have finished a study period at uni (online) and started a new one. So I now have four new units in addition to my one internal unit – five units all up. It is pretty crazy at the moment. Most of my time is being spent reading, listening and breathing uni stuff. My 2012 diary is literally packed out for another 13 weeks with green scribbles everywhere. Green is the colour I use in my diary for uni related things. Red is for appointments, pink is for personal events (like visiting friends/birthdays/fun stuff), blue is for exercise, orange is for blog related points, and black is just for my general notes and additional information. Yep, I colour coordinate my calendar entries. It makes my life so much easier when I can see what my day/week/month looks like at a glance.

Anyyywayy, August feels pretty uneventful. Lynden was working hard on his assignments – a couple of all-nighters, while I had a pretty relaxed period in my uni schedule compared to what is coming up. Now is when the crazy starts.

I had a couple of assignments due, a couple of church events I was a part of, and a small few family celebrations – nowhere near as many as we’ve had in the past few months.

As much as August has been great and restful, I am excited to see the end of it, even if it means crazy busyness because it means that tomorrow we are finally in my birthday month! I like to make the most of my birthday by claiming the whole month as my own :D

Happy August!


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