A little program

First of all I have to mention that all the pictures in this post were taken by my sister Nicole and edited by me.


Nicole was supposed to be playing the part of Queen Esther for a children’s program at church. I was supposed to be taking pictures.

Then…Nicole lost her voice and she couldn’t play her part. Frantically, the night before the program, my mum called to ask me to fill in since the part required singing as well as acting. I originally said no, because I was really excited about taking pictures, and I don’t enjoy performing if I don’t have to. But, since the program is called Esther, the program couldn’t go on without someone playing Esther (at least that’s how my mum convinced me to do it…”think of the children”).

So, after learning three songs the afternoon before the program (that I’d only heard once before), memorising the lines as best I could, and crying at rehearsal because I couldn’t remember those lines…or songs, I played Queen Esther.

Apparently it was ok, because right after the program the kids were invited to have their picture taken with either Queen Esther or the King, and there were actually kids lining up to have their photo taken. However, my favourite part of the day was when one precious little boy trotted right past the line and showed me all his favourite stories in the bible.

His mother was horrified that he’d pushed in front of the queue, but he didn’t even end up getting a picture with me, we just chatted about bible stories. It was very cool.

I did however get pictures with the other kids – some of my gorgeous cousins included.

I realise that I look horrible in these pictures, and that really is quite terrible since Queen Esther was supposed to be the most beautiful woman in the empire. Sigh. Yeah, that was another reason I didn’t want to do it. I didn’t feel at all close to beautiful enough.

Anyway, the music was played by a live band. Here are a few snaps of my brother playing the bass.

And my cousin Cade.

He is growing up to be so handsome! And he is so caring and considerate. Kudos to Werner and Des (his mum and dad).

It’s nice that little Levi has some great role models like Cade to look up to.

And finally, a couple of shots with Shamira. I love that girl.

Thanks for taking these pictures Nicole.



2 thoughts on “A little program

  1. Anonymous says:

    Gorgeous Haidy, I think you make a very beautiful Queen Esther:)

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