Fringe Cut

So yesterday I originally came outside to take pictures for my Getting Under 60 post looking like this.I obviously came to the very obvious realisation that I needed to cut my fringe…which I’ve known for a while, but couldn’t justify going to the hairdresser just for that. So I’ve been putting it off.

But yesterday, as I considered pinning my fringe back yet again, I just decided to go for it. I’d cut it myself!

The sink was a mess, the scissors were blunt, and my fringe kept getting shorter and shorter as I tried to fix it. But, as terrible as I am at cutting hair, it was an improvement, no?

Ahh yes, much better.

But…because I was scared that I’d cut it too short (who hasn’t lived through that horror story?!), It was still long enough that I occasionally got the need to wisp it out of my eyes.

Do you cut your own fringe? Or is that a big no-no?


2 thoughts on “Fringe Cut

  1. Katie says:

    I always cut my own fringe and Chris’ hair. You can tell.. But not enough to warrant going to the hairdresser!

  2. Haidy Baskin says:

    I know, it just seems crazy to go to the hairdresser just for the fringe!

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