Getting Under 60: Week 4


I felt like I constantly wanted to eat junk. I craved delicious, greasy pub food all week. And chocolate. It’s like my body was taking a stand against last week’s good efforts. I didn’t stick to my my meal plans and I snacked a million times a day. Ugh. It was just a hard week.

Weight: 61.2kg (+0.1kg)

Body Fat: 31.5% (-0.7%)

Morale: pretty low. This past week had me really feeling like giving up, I was just soooo hungry and unmotivated. But with my results being (a lot) better than I expected, I have a renewed energy for this challenge.

Exercise: riding my bicycle (still very short rides). As with the rest of my stats this week, not much of a change here. I didn’t do those strength workouts I had wanted to do, or any other fitness routine other than riding my bike when I could.

Food: I have splurged on hot chips (twice), subway (twice), cheese, cheesy toast, and Tim Tams. I have eaten well with fruits for snacks,  eggs, onion and garlic for breakfast, and artichokes, tomatoes and salads for dinner. Lunch usually consisted of the bad/splurge meals listed above.

Drink:  a whole lot of water and half a can of coke. Again, this week I will try to cut out all soda.

In all honesty, I am completely shocked I didn’t gain all my weight back this week. I think it was worse in my head than it actually was – apparently I didn’t eat enough bad stuff to warrant a severe weight increase. I am really happy that even though my weight has remained very much the same, my body fat is still slowly coming down.This is quite encouraging to me; it’s a relief to have that extra statistic reminding me that health isn’t just about the weight, but about the quality of that weight (that sounds weird) and overall quality of my health.

However, I also always felt like snacking on apples. Which is weird, since I don’t like apples.

But I also enjoyed some of my favourite healthy foods…

Tomatoes are my happy place.

And yes, I do eat them like they’re apples.

I also took some pictures that I hope to use down the track to see how my appearance changes with my weight loss.

I hope to see that little poky belly disappear!

Time (and effort) will tell.


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