Just another fun family gathering

After eating dinner, singing happy birthday, and doing a fair amount of socialising, my uncle opened his birthday presents. His kids got him a new camera; a beautiful Canon of course (can you tell I love my Canon camera?). I think his new camera is the Canon EOS550D – please correct me if I’m wrong Billy, Tash, Werner or Des.

He already had a Canon film SLR (how awesome is that?!) but he needed an upgrade to the digital age. I took a few snaps of him with his camera, while he took a few snaps of me doing the same thing. It’s a win-win really. It’s one of those rare situations where nobody feels awkward in front of the camera…do I smile? act natural? pose? Nope, just you and me photographing each other for the sheer joy of a picture. Bliss.

Of course, I wouldn’t want every picture to be like that, I love seeing your face, and expressions, and pure memories, but it is hard to appear inconspicuous when you’re pointing a big DSLR camera at someone. “Just act normal…pretend I’m not here”. Riiiiiigghhttt.

This was one of my alternatives that night – a mirror picture.

I also love capturing beautiful smiles. This is my aunty with her gorgeous grandson Levi.But, if I had to choose, my favourite pictures are always the candid ones.

And I had to add this picture of my dad and Lynden since this is what they’re always doing when they’re together. Their friendship is based on their mutual love for technology (and me, of course :P). I’m pretty sure they’re always sharing their new technology finds with each other. It’s quite beautiful and annoying for the rest of us.

However, one of the things that is most important to me when I have my camera out, is that I don’t miss out on any of the real moments. I don’t want my cousins to think I never had fun with them, or my family to think I never participated in family events. I don’t want my future children to think I don’t love, care, or cherish them when I’ve got my camera out (since I love taking pictures as often as I can). So, I try my best to remain myself when I have it with me and play, chat, and enjoy whatever is going on.

In the photo below, I’m playing a little game of chasy with Levi. Even though it’s slightly blurry, I love the realness of it.

And here are some instagram pictures of me with little Ethan boy I took on my iphone that night. He helped me choose his favourites to include in this collage (using PicFrame).

The top right picture was his MOST favourite. He wanted it to be in all the squares, haha.

Happy Thursday :)


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