Family get-togethers

Growing up, Elizabeth, Aveline and I spent so much time together, that our parents ended up becoming best friends too. So when Aveline’s parents flew over for her engagement party we were all thrilled; our mum’s cried when they first embraced.

As we enjoyed Sabbath lunch together the day before the party, all you could hear were our parents talking and laughing…loudly. We were all there, including Elizabeth’s boyfriend Jamie with their little cat-baby, Shadow.

Mother & daughter…father & cat-son.

Their other little cat-boy was also there, enjoying the sunshine.

Aveline doesn’t like cats; she’s actually scared of them, so I was surprised to find her snuggled up with Shadow at one point. Usually if she’s near a cat, she lets out a high-pitched yelp, “aaahh, it’s gonna bite me!” Oh Aveline.

I love these girls. This picture is a little out of focus, but I still love it.

 And who better to enjoy silliness with (and fake proposals) than your two best friends!?

I’m so grateful ‘our boys’ also get along so well, it makes life so much easier. Of course we had to get a snapshot with us and our boys.

And then we had a silly photo…but apparently nobody told the beautiful couple (ahem Aveline and Brett) that they had to actually look silly!

We had such a wonderful relaxed afternoon. It felt a lot like our younger days when our family’s would get together. Except that this time, there were three new additions: Brett, Jamie and Lynden. The best additions ever!


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2 thoughts on “Family get-togethers

  1. aveline says:

    Best Post EVER!!!! i love it haidy! you made me cry!!!!!

  2. Haidy Baskin says:

    We miss you so much Av! xx

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