Getting Under 60: Week 3

After last week’s post, my friend Stacey contacted me about meeting up to give me some ideas and tips to help with getting healthy. She has done personal training courses and been involved in health programs in different parts of the world. You can find out more about Stacey and see what she’s upto by visiting her blog Eat Move Glow.

The great thing about Stacey is, she loves everything to do with health and fitness. That means she really cares about my health and really really wants to see me succeed. I could feel her passion as she asked me what foods I currently eat, what exercise I do, the foods I like and don’t like – and lets be honest, I’m a really fussy eater so she had her job cut-out for her when attempting to give me any good food ideas – and she shared with me what she considered healthy foods and foods to avoid…in detail. Which is exactly what I needed. She also chatted to me about exercise. But since my little brain could only handle making one big change this week, I didn’t really focus on exercise at all. Next week I will hopefully have more to share on this front.

I made a big effort to eat healthier options of the foods I love (e.g. rye instead of multi-grain bread) and really wanted to take on the idea of scheduling my meals for the day. I often forget to eat until dinner time, by which point I am grumpy and starving and I find myself going for quick food (fast food, chocolate, etc.). So, Stacey had me attempt to include five meals in my day: breakfast, a small morning snack, lunch, a small afternoon snack, and dinner. I have to admit, there were some days I didn’t stick to it, but whenever I could, I stuck to this schedule and I loved it. I realised that I’d attempted three meals a day in the past, but with healthy food I would find myself hungry after only a short while, so adding these two extra small snacks was the perfect fit for me.

With this in mind, I was really nervous as I stepped on the scales today. I was worried that I wouldn’t see a change again even though I knew I’d been making a big effort in the food department. But…here are the stats.

Weight: 61.1kg (-1.2kg)

Body Fat: 32.2% (-1%)

Morale: relieved! It’s good to see a change. I’m pumped up for the week ahead but also slightly worried that I can’t keep it up.

Exercise: riding my bicycle (very short rides at this point). This coming week I hope to also add in strength workouts and increase the length of my bicycle rides.

Food: I have splurged on subway and Tim Tams. I have tried to eat healthy food five times a day according to Stacey’s recommendation (breakfast – avocado on toast, morning snack – almonds, lunch – salad, afternoon snack – almonds or veges and dip, dinner – bruschetta, sandwiches, or a rye wrap).

Drink: fizzy drink and water. This coming week I am hoping to cut out soda completely.

Here are some before and after pics.

Wow. Amazing!

But seriously, thanks for sharing in my journey so far. This challenge has really been keeping me on top of my food choices and reminding me to be healthy.

Happy Monday xx

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2 thoughts on “Getting Under 60: Week 3

  1. Stacey Watts says:

    Congratulations Haidy!!!!!! That’s an awesome result!!!!! :D

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