It will pass

You know those days when you just feel off and you can’t pinpoint why? I had one of those days yesterday. Everything seemed a little worse than it was; a little greyer. I like to think I’m a positive person with a realistic perspective, but yesterday I had a feeling of hopelessness that I just couldn’t shake.

Then, I discovered what was bothering me and it was like a weight had suddenly been lifted off my shoulders. I felt free from feeling like maybe I’d just become a terrible grumpy person for all eternity, to thinking that perhaps there was a reason…and it would pass.

With that in mind, today was a good day. I’m looking forward to sharing more about it tomorrow. So until then, I leave you with words of comfort – whatever is shaking you, whatever might be pulling you down…there is a brighter day ahead, it will pass.

Goodnight x


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