Getting Under 60: Week 2

I’m really surprised with how quick this week went by. I didn’t think it had gone so fast until I realised I needed to sit down and write an update to my Getting Under 60 post. I’m just going to dive straight into it and give you the stats.

Weight: 62.3kg (+/- 0kg)

Body Fat: 33.2% (in the obese category – not healthy!)

Morale: still feeling really good. Positive about the coming week.

Exercise: jogging x 1, sit-ups, (girly) pushups.

Food: I have splurged on pizza, subway, hot chips, shapes biscuits. I have eaten well with lots of tomatoes, potatoes, cucumbers, artichokes, bananas.

Drink: fizzy drink, hot chocolate, water.

As you can see, my weight has stayed exactly the same. I’d like to think of this as a positive since it means I didn’t gain any weight this week. More importantly, I feel like I’ve been thinking healthier this week. I am conscious of the food choices I’m making (not just feeling guilty after-the-fact) and have made small steps towards eating better. I think this will improve with time as I train my mind to bypass temptation for a greater reward: feeling healthy and beautiful.

Today I measured myself to be fitted for a bridesmaid dress. It’s a bit intimidating getting out the measuring tape, but at least having my numbers written down can be a good way to see how my body tones over time. I’m proud of what I’ve achieved so far. I am happy that I feel positive and conscious of my efforts; that is a step forward.

Lynden took a few snaps of me with the dreaded measuring tape. I’m sorry about my crazy hair in the last picture…it’s just a wee bit frizzy.

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