Aveline & Brett’s Engagement Party {2}

I already posted some pictures from Aveline and Brett’s engagement party here. I just thought I’d share a few more before moving on and sharing some other events.

First off, here is a picture of Aveline and I.

And here we are again…looking only slightly different.

There are days I seriously wish I had an afro. This is me questioning my dad as to why I wasn’t genetically given this hair.

Lynden and Nic.And of course, it wouldn’t be a party without cake.

How cute are those cupcakes!?

As the room got darker, I asked Lynden to pose for me outside so I could get the settings right on my camera to take some outside snaps. He’s the best.

And a couple of pictures of my uncle and aunty (on the left) with my parents (on the right).

It was such a nice afternoon.

Of course there were lots of other people there and I have a lot of photos of them, but for the sake of privacy I haven’t posted them on my blog since a lot of those images include families with young children and I didn’t ask if I could post them.

Thanks dad and Nic for helping me take pictures on the day.


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