he’s smiling…almost

So my dad’s known in our family for his inability to smile during photos. Don’t ask me why, but he gets his serious on when it’s photo time. It seems to somehow have been passed on to my brother too, but no one’s as bad as dad.

But I caught him smiling in this photo…

…almost. His little half-hearted smile here brings me so much joy.

And then I caught him smiling in this photo from Aveline and Brett’s engagement party while fixing my mum’s hair…don’t ask – he’s very particular about these things :/

I’m glad there are a select few pictures out there of my dad smiling. After a lot of trial and error through the years, we’ve discovered that getting dad to say ‘spaghetti’ when he’s having a picture taken will usually result in the most successful, genuine smile. So, if you’re ever visiting our family when we’re taking pictures and you hear us all yelling ‘spaghettiiiiiiiiiiii’ at a camera, you now know why. Although I have to admit, I think his camera smiling is improving with age.



One thought on “he’s smiling…almost

  1. Bec says:

    I love this post!!!

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