Getting Under 60: Week 1

Lynden and I are feeling really good about the changes happening in our life at the moment. As I mentioned yesterday, I am now doing my units online rather than internally, Lynden has decided to go back to uni to finish off his course, and we have some other things in the pipeline that we’re super excited about (and no, we’re not pregnant). I’m sure in due time I’ll be sharing more about that, but one of the things that has really begun to emerge has been how these changes are already impacting our outlook. We’re both feeling really positive and really motivated for happy, healthy living.

So, in celebration of this, I am doing an 8 week series titled “Getting Under 60”, documenting my progress towards getting under 60kg by September  24. I will be posting an update on Monday of each week. This is really more for me than for anyone else, but please leave thoughts or comments if you have any ideas/advice/encouragement.

I’m feeling great already. We’ve been trying to be healthier, but it’s easier said than done when you don’t have good habits, or if we’re feeling too lazy to make dinner. However, it’s paying off. In my last health post, I mentioned that I was 63.6kg. After getting really sick last month, I didn’t get back into my treadmill routine. So let’s start fresh…here are my stats for this week:

Weight: 62.3kg

Body Fat: 32.8% (eek – 33% is considered obese!)

Morale: feeling pumped and excited – I can do this!

Exercise: no real exercise this past week. In fact, I’ve probably been even more sedentary than normal.

Food: I’ve made some good decisions but also quite a few bad ones. I’ve had McDonald’s, deli chips, lots of white bread, crisps, and sweetened condensed milk. On the positive side, I’ve eaten artichokes, celery, tomatoes, leafy greens, avocados, and potatoes.

And just because I know you’re probably wondering how I look when I’m 62.3kgs…

Yep, I’m feeling sexy. Happy Tuesday!

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