Online Study vs On-campus Study

As you know, I’m at uni studying to be a primary school teacher. I’ve been doing half my units internally (on-campus) and the other half online through the university. However, in the last few weeks I have made a few changes and I’ve decided to complete my course fully online. I am a solitary learner, even though I can work well with people, I function a lot better at my own pace. I tend to retain more when I’m in charge of my learning, rather than if I’m just doing the prep work to get through class each week. When I do that, the information is completely lost from me within days – if not hours.

I am still doing one unit this semester on-campus, but once this one is finished, the rest will be online. Woohoo!

So what are some of the pros and cons of online study versus on-campus study?

Well firstly, online means I can sit at home and do all my study looking like this.
I didn’t stage this photo, I was literally sitting on the beanbag in front of my computer looking like this trying to keep warm (I apologise for the clothes horse in the background, we’ve had a bit of rain the last few days so the clothes are happily drying inside). Unfortunately, online study doesn’t really offer much of a social life…especially when I’m in this outfit! But, since I’m a hermit, it’s really a win win.

Internal study – you were great while you lasted, but I hated the early mornings, the craziness of uni parking, and the over-abundance of social interaction. I was terrible at remembering what I did over the weekend so my Monday morning conversation was lame and usually consisted of the weather. I apologise to anyone that had to endure my social awkwardness which, in some cases, could have come across as over-confidence, and in others, just plain awkward.

So online study it is. I’m EXCITED!! Seriously.


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