The other day I was driving home from uni when I found myself behind a car with the following bumper sticker: ‘F*** Off We’re Full’ inside an image of Australia.

I took a couple of  quick snaps on my phone because I was absolutely horrified!

I cannot believe this kind of mentality actually exists. Of course I’m aware that people have different opinions on immigration (particularly illegal immigration), however, I am really surprised to see people portraying their thoughts on these matters in such an aggressive and unsavoury way. What bothers me isn’t that the bumper sticker clearly shows the drivers opinions, it’s that they are so ignorant and dogmatic in their portrayal of this idea.

First of all, we are not full. Seriously! “We’re Full” is the worst argument ever considering the amount of ‘space’ we have in comparison to the population size when compared to most other countries. To use this as their argument seems like a knee-jerk reaction to an important issue that has the potential to offend and hurt others, particularly when using such strong language.

In saying all of this, I am not trying to suggest that this person isn’t entitled to their opinion, it is simply that portraying an opinion in this way gives the strong impression that we are entitled to a different standard of humanity based on ethnicity, or more-so, luck – you can’t choose where you’re born. I do understand that we have to be cautious of who comes into the country for many reasons – such as safety, culture, economy, etc. – but we must also be compassionate and empathetic in these decisions; it’s a hard balance.

All in all, my point is: have your opinions, but be respectful.

Show some empathy even if you don’t agree with the current situation by being informed in your support.

I apologise if this post offends anyone. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

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