Confession #5


But don’t give me the kind that come in a jar or I’ll be really sad.

Apparently, as a two year old, my mum used to find me sitting with my head in the fridge and an artichoke in my hand. Yum! I think that’s where my love for artichokes stems from.

I have been craving these little beauties for months – to the point where I eventually asked Lynden to make a last minute dash to the supermarket to check whether they had any. He ended up driving around to two or three places before giving up (sadly he didn’t find any) but I love that he tried.

Then, miraculously, we were at Woolworths grabbing some salad items when Lynden looks at me with an expression of undeniable glee. “Haides, LOOK!”

To say I was excited would be an understatement; I went into crazy lady mode and rushed to the nearest veggie bag dispenser where I stuffed three of the biggest artichokes I could find into it, whispering excitedly to Lynden,”I know this is going to sound rude but these are all for me, I don’t think I can share them”. Then, once we reached the counter, the checkout girl had to ask me what they were – I died a little inside. Poor girl, she’s missing out. After a small issue where they couldn’t find the artichokes in their system, we were eventually on our way home with my precious cargo.

Let me tell you, I devoured two artichokes that night and I had the other one last night. I bought four more today. Yes, I’ve already eaten two of those :)

I hope there are other artichoke lovers out there. Remember, the only way to eat these babies is to boil them until they’re soft (with their stems on) then eat each leaf of the flower individually dipped in a mixture of lemon, oil and salt.


Happy Monday!!

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