What it’s taught me

I’m still sick!! Yep, it’s been a nasty attack on my body. I had a fever for the first few days and now this sickness has become a terrible flu with cough attacks keeping both my boys awake at night (and driving me absolutely crazy). So, what has this sickness taught me?

  1. I was in too much pain to talk for a few days and it turns out Lynden really missed my chatter. Who would have thought he actually likes all the nonsense I talk about!?
  2. If I’m patient enough not to say anything (because my throat hurts too much to speak) Lynden is actually very romantic and loving without me telling him to be. Note to self: stop nagging.
  3. Night time really is the worst part of the day when you’re sick…it’s so lonely when you can’t get to sleep, but everybody else is completely unconscious. I have become best friends with solitaire.
  4. Asterix keeps wanting me to hold him/give me eyelash kisses whenever he has the chance. I think it’s because he’s sleep deprived from my cough attacks but it still makes me feel like I raised an amazing cat. Haha, yeah I saw you roll your eyes.
  5. I have the best little family in the world. Lynden is the best nurse ever!! In fact, at this very moment he’s out getting me tissues and cough medicine :) Love that guy.

Happy Monday xx


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