Hungrier Spottier Heavier

At the beginning of last week I shared that  I did some running and I’m pleased to report that I kept up with the running routine for the rest of the week. I didn’t run over the weekend or today but I will start back up tomorrow :)

The problem? Because of the energy I’m exerting on the treadmill I’m hungrier than I was before. The first few days I was especially ravenous (and that’s just after a couple of 10 minute workouts) so I’m going to have to ensure I keep my portion sizes down while my body adjusts to its new energy needs.

Secondly, I broke out with a few pimples after the first few days. Has anybody else experienced this? I know exercise is supposed to be good for your overall health, including your skin, but I think all the toxins in my body were trying to get out of my body.

And very interestingly I have actually put on weight since starting up my new running routine. Only 1kg though – which puts me at 63.6kg when I last checked on Friday. This probably has a lot to do with the first side-effect I shared – hunger!

So the initial results are a little off-putting. However, I know I’m doing the right thing for my body so I am keen to continue and see the long term results. I will keep you posted.

Has anyone else experienced negative side-effects of exercising?

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Happy Monday.

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One thought on “Hungrier Spottier Heavier

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