Confession #4

I used to really dislike cats!

Until my parents adopted Lana as a kitten.

She was just so adorable and had the tiniest little meow. Most people think she’s really antisocial but she’s just really shy. My parents found her after they noticed little meowing sounds coming from their garden – she had been hiding there for a few days and she was just a tiny little kitten :( My mum went door-knocking around the neighbourhood hoping to find her owner but nobody knew where she came from. Since then, Lana has been the family cat that likes to hide when company is over. She seems to be traumatised from her early days as an orphan. Sometimes she’s even scared to go outside, but she’s getting better with age and experience.

Then, Asterix convinced Lynden and I that cats are truly amazing creatures even though we both have a preference for dogs. He’s just so full of personality and love. I love his warm snuggles.

We love that kid.


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