Long time no see

Well hello there! It has been over a week since I last posted. But…I now only have one assignment left before I go on prac next Monday. Eek. I still haven’t heard what school I’ll be placed in but I’m super excited to find out…hopefully tomorrow :)

The pictures I’m sharing today are from mother’s day at my parents house. We took Asterix down with us and he has an amazing way of finding a secret spot where we can’t find him. Lynden and I always start freaking out that he got outside somehow and will be lost to us forever, even though he’s got a microchip.

Anyway, my parents also have a cat. Her name’s Lana. She’s a loner and unsociable with strangers…or anyone really except Nicole and my mum and dad (Nicole don’t be mad that I said that, you know I love her :P). Anyway, Asterix and Lana don’t really like each other so they spend most of their time trying to run away from each other while I close all the doors in the house so they have to come face-to-face. I know they’d be friends if they just gave it a chance :P The picture below is actually them trying to escape each other but accidentally crossing paths. Mwahaha my evil plan sometimes works.

And the picture below makes me laugh because Lana had just whacked Asterix in the face and then they just politely stared each other down. No growling or hissing.

For some reason other cats don’t like Asterix. He always wants to play with them but I think, in the cat world, he must be really annoying because they never seem to enjoy his company. Don’t worry little guy…you’ve always got Lynden and I, we think you’re great!

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