Reflections: March 2012

This is a very late Reflections post and I haven’t got a pretty picture to share, only the above iphone picture I took in mid-March of where I park at uni. This is my view as I walk to my car from class :)

As you know, March was very busy for me. I have almost managed to keep up with five posts a week like I mentioned as part of my resolutions post, but I did fall behind. It’s a personal goal that I want to keep up with though because it is therapeutic for me to have a place to hash-out my thoughts.

Anyway, part of the busyness has been all these band practice I’ve been going to every week. There have been various different bands, but by far the most time consuming has been the band I practice with every Sunday. We’ve been preparing for the worship service of an Easter program celebrated by our church every year that lasts for about five days over the Easter period. So, once Easter is over, I suspect things will become a little less busy in all facets of my life.

I don’t have much else to include in this post, I’m actually not really sure where March went, but I am happy that I’m managing to keep on top of everything – even thought sometimes I feel like I’m just hanging on.

With the end of March it also seemed to signal the end of our sunny days here but you know, I’m not too worried, the rain has been lovely and it makes all my plants happy too. I do feel like I’m getting a bit unwell though, but it’s nothing some vitamins, lots of water, and less stress can’t heal :)

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