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Reflections: April 2012

Nicole testing out her new camera.

As I was reflecting back on this month I realised how busy it was. But hey, when is it not, right? It certainly left me wondering where the time went.

I had four major assignments due in April worth 40 percent or more of my grade for each unit. I have also been preparing for the five remaining assignments I have due before going on prac. Eek. Not long to go until I finish my first semester of teaching!

In April we also celebrated quite a few birthdays and a couple of engagements, and tried to fit in Easter somewhere there.

I’m almost struggling to find what else I did in this month. I seriously think the above pretty much describes our life during April. Lynden has been working long hours and I’ve been studying long hours. In between we sometimes get to catch up with friends. Oh, and I have really enjoyed having a sparkly clean house, finally! It was starting to get pretty chaotic for a while there but I rallied my energy on Friday and gave the house a deep clean. It’s amazing how much of a difference a clean space can make to your mental state. I’ll have to make sure I stop leaving my files and books all over the place. As soon as I do that, I start to think it’s okay to throw anything on the table, the floor, the couch.

Yep, I think this next month I’ll have to focus on maintaining a clear headspace by ensuring my environment is less distracting. And I’ll also update you on my health post during the next month. Dear oh dear, that posts been a long time coming and I just keep wanting to put it off. Sigh, there’s nothing like a blog to keep you accountable.

Happy April’s End.


Fashion Friday…on a Sunday

I have forgotten to post a Fashion Friday post for two weeks in a row…whoops! So today I’m going to have a Fashion Friday brought to you on a Sunday, looking at comfortable style. In other words, being stylish in those comfy clothes. Here’s some inspiration.

Sigh. The balance between comfort and style – a continual battle. Yet these images make it look so effortless!

Happy Sunday :)

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the best bed hair I ever did see

Ethan is my cousin Werner’s youngest. He is so cute and super serious. I just imagine him as a silent ninja. The cutest thing is, whenever I see him I always marvel at his awesome bed hair. That kids got it going on!

More pictures from this event coming next week :)


Inspired by :: longgg hair

Even though I wouldn’t suit hair this long, I’m enjoying being inspired by these long haired beauties.

Would you wear your hair this long?

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Over Easter

Here are some pictures I took of little Levi during the Easter weekend. It was the first time I’d ever seen him take some tentative steps…needless to say I was very excited. I’m such a proud cousin!

And here is a picture of me with my lovely cousin Heizy. Thanks Nicky for taking this picture :)


Levi Turns One

I apologise that the pictures today aren’t great (photographically). These are pictures I took a couple of weeks ago at Levi’s first birthday party. You might remember seeing Levi here and here. I also took some maternity pictures of his lovely mum Tash (my cousin).

Here is the cute little family at Levi’s first birthday bash…with matching Levi’s shirts! I think these are some proud parents.

The picture below is of cheeky Levi with my other gorgeous cousin Heizy who was visiting from Sydney at the time.

He’s such a little cutie! And yes, I have a lot of cousins. With all the babies being born around here the family brood is only getting bigger and better :D

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With the bestie

As I was putting my images onto my computer today, I realised I didn’t take a single picture in March! :O

So this picture is from the first of April at a friend’s engagement party. My bestie Elizabeth and I tried for ages to get a good picture of the two of us… :S


stretches + workout gear

I haven’t done any fitness stuff in over a week and I’m really feeling it. Since I’ve been working on assignments a lot lately, I’ve spent most of my time sitting down or lying in bed with my laptop. I am consequently feeling more and more lethargic everyday as my body isn’t sending out those lovely chemicals that get sent out when you’re active. So this week I’m hoping to get back into stretches at home and hopefully some cardio work at the gym.

Also, I’m loving this hooded workout singlet and these running shorts from Lorna Jane.

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It’s been a week!

Oh dear, it’s been a week since I last posted. This is good though, I’m feeling revitalised for some fresh blogging. It’s good to get my fingers typing something other than an assignment :) After recovering from Easter I had to crank out an assignment and try to catch up on some work before our study break is over. I’m back to classes today and I’m feeling a little bit behind with where I want to be but nothing to seriously worry about.

During my relaxing moments last week I got my grandma on and did some knitting. It was great. I finished a scarf for my sister (that I started too long ago to remember) and now I’m attempting another scarf before I try something different. Yep, I’m that cool, I’m a knitter. Don’t be judging.

I’d like to get some of my own original photos up on the blog again this week. I love finding beautiful images and sharing them on my blog but I’d also like to ensure I’m leaving my own mark on here regularly too. I haven’t done enough of that lately, which has a lot to do with the fact I haven’t transferred pictures from my camera to the computer for a few weeks now.

Here’s to a good week with a fresh start :)

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Fashion Friday

We’re now in the midst of autumn and I’m drooling over these outfits…

Happy Easter Friday!

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