Big Dreams

Lynden and I are both very passionate about home design. We can spend hours dreaming up our future home and the houses we want to build one day. Of course this makes a lot of sense for Lynden since he works in construction, but it’s something that we both love to imagine together.

Did I ever mention that I did a semester of interior design a couple of years ago. I absolutely loved it, but I quickly realised that it was a passion and hobby rather than the career choice I wanted to make. Now, if you walked into our house right now, you’d probably laugh at how undesignery it is. We are currently renting and often times that’s our excuse for not making our house feel more like a home. We haven’t personalised anything and are happy for the place we’re at now to just be a place we live in temporarily, that doesn’t really reflect us.

But eventually, oh eventually we won’t be able to be stopped! We have big dreams and I love that about us. I love that we dream about the homes we’ll build; the homes we’ll design together that incorporate new cutting-edge building techniques and styles for Lynden, and functional layouts and long-term sustainable building techniques for me. I love dreaming about  how our family will  use the spaces we designed together and how we’ll retire in a home we dreamt-up. I love that we dream big.

So now that you know we’re dreamers…what do you think of this lovely room below?

styled by Gitte Kjaer for RUM magazine found via Emmas Designblogg

I don’t think I could ever survive actually living in a space with such high ceilings (I’d feel too small) but you have to admit, there is something very impressive about the scale of the whole space. On top of this, colonial windows (the ones made up of lots of smaller panes) are recurrently my favourite window style.

What do your big dreams look like?

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