Apricots are my mum’s all time favourite fruit. She goes so far as to purchase apricot nectar as a refreshment to enjoy with her meals. Now, this may not seem overly strange to you, but before I say anything else there is something you need to know about me: I am an extremely fussy eater. You may have already picked up on that after reading this post about cake. However, above all else, there are two things in this world that make me literally throw-up – apricots and potato salads. I’m not meaning that I hate them so much that I metaphorically feel like throwing up, I mean they actually stir a physical reaction in me causing me to run to the nearest bathroom. I’m grimacing just thinking about it. Shudder.

Don’t they look so innocent here:

So, I’ve come up with a theory as to why I hate apricots. I’ve decided that when my mum was pregnant with me she must have overdosed on her favourite fruit to the point where it caused her unborn child (me) some sort of apricot blood poisoning! I see no other explainable reason as to why my mother’s favourite fruit (she seriously LOVES apricots) could possibly be detested so much by my body. Do you like my theory?

So, moving on, last year as we were preparing to celebrate my mum’s birthday, I volunteered to make the cake. At that time I had just recently acquired the perfect apricot cake recipe (I’m obviously assuming it was perfect based on what others have said since I hate both cakes and apricots!), and since I am the perfect daughter (hahahaha, just kidding, that would be Nicole’s domain) I decided to suck-it-up and make the apricot cake. I made a double batch of a cake that required me to physically chop up dried apricots (the worst form of apricot :P) into a kajillion tiny pieces. My hands smelt like apricot for hours…you can just imagine the gagging that ensued! To end my story, apparently the cake was a huge success and several people even asked for the recipe…unfortunately I’ve lost it ;)

Anyway, there really was no point to that story other than to tell you what an amazing daughter I am! Ha. And to tell you that I saw this image of an apricot sorbet and couldn’t help thinking how delicious it looked.

Apricot Sorbet via shewhoeats

Yep, I think I’m going to have to suck-it-up again and make this delicious looking dessert for my mum. She would die.

(click the image to see the recipe)

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2 thoughts on “Apricots

  1. bellacorea says:

    Thank you for sharing your story! I agree with you because I hate a red bean but that’s my mom’s favorite..so what I guess is exactly same with yours.. hahaha.. I’m so glad to find your blog.. and I will spend some more time on all recipes.. telling you!! They look sooo AWESOME!!

  2. Haidy Baskin says:

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I wish I had better cooking skills and could create my own recipes, but for now I can just link to other people who have done all the hard work for me :) Maybe one day I’ll be brave enough to share my own recipes.

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