baby teeth

Ok, so I was meandering around pinterest today (procrastinating) and noticed the following image.

According to this, I was supposed to lose my last baby tooth at 11. I always knew I was a little older than most people who lost their baby teeth but seriously, I was 14 (I lost my last two molars at the same time). I’ve told this to some people in the past and have either received a shocked look or laughter. However, I take comfort in knowing that it’s genetic, apparently my sister was also a late bloomer – is that right Nic or did someone just say that to me to make me feel better?

I’m just glad it was my molars, can you imagine if it had been an incisor or one of my canine teeth? Somehow I don’t think the gap-toothed grin is quite as charming when you’re 14.

How old were you when you lost all your baby teeth? I’m seriously interested.


One thought on “baby teeth

  1. nicole says:

    Yes, i lost my last tooth at 14 as well haha

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