Make Kony Famous

There was a time when we wondered what influence we could have on the world’s problems and we came up with no answer. However, we are now living in a time of global communication – global connection. More than ever, this means that we not only have the ability to make a change, but we now also have the responsibility; we are all connected, there are no excuses.

I sometimes marvel at the committed of people I know and that I see going to places that need help and applaud the change they’re making, all the while feeling guilty that I haven’t done that, or hopeful for a time when Lynden and I can make a commitment of our time, money, resources, skills – whatever will help.

But what about right now? If you knew you couldn’t commit time, money, or skills right now, would there still be anything you could do, just one person?

Well, that’s the beauty of technology and one of the plusses of globalisation, we are now connected and even though we are just one, our number adds up. Watch the video below for some inspiration of how you can help humanity in 2012. I love the idea that we are starting to see each other as fellow human beings in the same fight, rather than fighting each other – let’s help each other because we are brothers and sisters of humanity.

I know many of you may have already seen this as it’s been floating around on facebook, but I wanted to do my part in making Kony famous, in case there was anyone who hadn’t seen it or someone that may not have known what to do with it.

Visit their website here. Make a commitment to care about what happens to our brothers so that those with the power to create change (like the governments and military) will care too.

I know this is a very serious kind of post, but what is more important than the value of another’s life? Are there any causes you have on your radar that some people might not have heard about? I would love to learn more about how we can help so your thoughts and feedback would be appreciated.



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