he’s a funny cat

The other day when I went out to take a few snaps, Asterix decided he needed my undivided attention. As I was trying to take the picture that I used for the February reflections post my little cat baby kept rubbing against my camera and standing in front of the lens until finally he had enough of not being noticed. He dramatically dropped himself on top of the flower I was trying to capture so that I could no longer ignore him. I quickly took the above picture before I laughed and squeezed him close.

I had such a busy weekend, I don’t even know where it went! Seriously. There was a lot going on but I also needed to make sure I set aside time to prepare for this week’s classes, I found myself getting a little overwhelmed. It’s supposed to be a public holiday today but the university doesn’t acknowledge it as a holiday for staff and students so I still had classes today – no public holiday for me to use as a catch up. I found myself stressing and decided to distract myself. As I was looking through some pictures I’d taken last week, I saw the above picture of Asterix and was reminded to stop and notice the things that matter most to me. It reminded me to be still; to breathe and to be in the moment before it passes me by. I also had a little laugh at the memory and of what a funny cat I have. If you need any more evidence of just how funny he is, please take the time to enjoy this picture of him taken in August.

I love how big his bum looks :P

Anyway, how is everyone else this week? I am being extra nerdy and trying to keep up with all my readings for class, completing pre-assigned tasks, and starting assignments. I desperately don’t want to fall behind and give my crazy little brain a reason to give up on this. I need to persevere – I can be great at this, I just need to work through it.

Happy Monday :)

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